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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 512 - Prove

“Let me get off here, please wait for me for a moment.” Cheng Yiran said to the driver.

The car belonged to Feiyun Entertainment, and the driver would surely… surely follow his words, as he is now the super important newcomer of the company. “Okay, Mr. Cheng, I will wait for you on the parking lot over there!”

Cheng Yiran said nothing; he opened the door quickly and walked into the lane.

He was familiar with this place, so he soon arrived at the street where the night club was located. He saw the fish ball store beside the street from a long distance… and also the boss, Fish-Ball Qiang.

He quickly walked to Fish-Ball Qiang and spoke to him.

Fish-Ball Qiang then put down the thing and walked toward Cheng Yiran with a pair of blue slippers, “Hey man, how fast you are!”

“Don’t say this now. You said that you saw that person, really?” Cheng Yiran asked seriously.

Fish-Ball Qiang frowned, “Of course! Uncle never lies! See, you see that? It is that old man who is eating noodles with a big afro!”

Cheng Yiran gave a start, and frowned, “Boss, are you kidding me? I come here from afar, don’t cheat me… I remember that you said it was a young man?”

“Ah… Did I say a young man?” Fish-Ball Qiang gave a start, and then shook his head, “Absolutely not! I am sure it is this old man! He was so special with his hair, how should I get it wrong? You can go and ask him yourself!”

Cheng Yiran was helpless, and he walked to the little table in doubt… and looked at the old man in a plaid shirt, tights, and a pair of crocodile skin shoes.

“What the hell is this dressing style?”

However, Cheng Yiran felt a strong retro style from the weird old man, “Hello uncle, may I…”

The old man raised his head and looked impatient, “What, do I know you?”

Cheng Yiran frowned… This voice was a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had heard it.

He didn’t think more about that, and said quickly, “The boss of the fish ball store said you bought a bass from him some time ago?”

“Bass?” The old man scratched his head and then suddenly realized, “Oh… you mean that bass. Yes, that’s right. So, any problems?”

Cheng Yiyan suddenly rejoiced; he sat down immediately, “Uncle, that bass is very important to me, and can you please transfer it to me?”

“You want it?” The old man frowned, “But I like it too, and I bought it with money, why should I give it to you?”

Cheng Yiran took a deep breath, “Uncle! It is really very important to me, as well as my friend! You can name a price, and I can buy it with double the money!”

Unexpectedly, the old man slammed the table, and said coldly, “Hey, is that about money? F*ck, Old Taoist… does uncle look like a money-oriented man?”

“Sorry, sorry, I don’t mean that uncle. Don’t be angry!” Cheng Yiran said in a hurry, “Sorry for my impatience, but it is really very important to me!”

The old man said, “Is that really important to you?”

Cheng Yiran took a deep breath and nodded deeply.

The old man said, “Then why did you sell it since it is so important? And since you sold it, why is it still important?”

Cheng Yiran replied, “It is a little complex. But please trust me uncle, it is really very important to me and my friend. So, please kindly give it to me if possible.”

The old man fell in silence for a long while and Cheng Yiran became more and more eager. Then the old man said slowly, “I can sell it to you, but you need to prove that it is really important to you.”

“Prove?” Cheng Yiran gave a start… how should he prove that?

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