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Chapter 284: Turning Into A Demon


“250 million!!”

“Crazy! That makes no sense!”

“Don’t you know that the most valuable painting in the world drawn by Picasso is just more than 100 million American Dollar!”

But the offering price was twice time more than that one—many of the guests couldn’t accept or afford such high price at all!

Some other purchasers were keeping silence, as if hesitating.

When Edgar was going to bid for the third time, someone offered firmly, “251 million Euros!”

“260 million Euros.”

Efim spoke out this amount, which was over his base line, in an unimaginably calm tone— why did he have to pay such great fortune? This should be what he earned! But now, he had to be the fee payer!

Besides, more importantly, he was aware that the painting was counterfeit, and the real one was in his hand!

“What a good job you did! Hopefully this is for collection! You’ll never sell it on the market! Don’t forget it cannot be publicly traded!” That man snorted.

But Efim just wanted to quickly finish the battle, rather than quarreling with anyone else. He stood up— Edgar had finished the final call, “260 million Euros, final… Sold!”

Upon hearing ‘sold’, Efim felt heartache, as well as a relaxed feeling unexpectedly.

“Sir, our rule is to pay first, and then take away the goods.” Edgar said slowly, “Of course, don’t worry, a scam will never happen in Typica’s Family, still less in front of so many guests, we won’t do anything that is harmful to our reputation.”

“I hope so.” Efim snorted, “I don’t have a cheque, let’s deal through electronic bank transfer.”

While saying that, he fished out a network key from the inner bag.

He felt he must be crazy to spend 260 million Euros in purchasing a counterfeit!

“We received the money.”

Edgar walked to Urey, whispering to him.

Urey nodded, picking up the painting directly, going to Efim and passing it to him, “Take care of it, there will never be the second one.”

“Don’t remind me!” Efim snorted.

But at this moment, Urey suddenly stretched out his hand and quickly picked off the bat mask from Efim’s face.

“What are you doing!” Efim was frightened and hurried to fall back.

While Urey just squinted his eyes, saying fishily, “Nothing, I just wanted to introduce you to the guests, letting them know who’s so lucky to get the treasure. Congratulations!”

At the same time, Urey offered his hand.


Efim’s face suddenly turned awkward— because he heard widespread discussion coming from the guests!

“Oh, is he Efim? The upstart from Las Paddyskaya mine lot…”

Obviously, someone had recognized him.

Efim was conscious that the whole underground world of Moscow would know that he kept ‘The Nameless Maiden’.

But he didn’t intend to launch an attack here; he just grabbed Urey’s palm emotionlessly but powerfully, lowering his voice to ask him, like a mad beast, “I have bought the painting, what game are you playing?”

“Game?” Urey shook his head, laughing, “There’s no game, I just want to let Mr. Efim receive the picture… instead of F&C, who could be easily imitated.”

“You have the guts.”

Efim showed a foxy smile, picking up this painting and turning to look at his followers, gnashing teeth, “Let’s go!”

Efim pushed open the door with his guys— even though other guests sensed a weird atmosphere, but nobody would like to lend a hand if the contradiction was between the upstart from Las Paddyskaya mine lot and the Typica Family—a madman of that dealt with firearms.

“Ok, everybody, I’ve prepared some tasty food and wine. The painting has been purchased, but…” Urey smiled faintly, “Let’s continue the dance party that we didn’t finish several days ago.”

But actually, few people would intend to stay there… the guests that didn’t leave might want to make friends with the Typica Family. After all, i

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