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Chapter 378: Witch


Gradually, Black Soul No. 18 found it wasn’t easy to tempt this potential customer in front of her.

There seemed to be some kind of power protecting her.

To be more accurate, a power similar to Black Soul No. 18 was luring the potential customer as well.

Of course, the other power was too weak, compared with Black Soul No.18’s.

A Black Soul Envoy couldn’t even attract potential customers to make the deal? If this news was let out, she would be totally ashamed.

“I don’t know how you got this necklace… but it doesn’t matter… Keke…”

Gruesome laughter resounded but Zhao Ru didn’t hear it.

She was passing through a bookshop and stopped.

Something was attracting her… so she walked in.

Soon after, she came out with a bag in hand.

She might have bought something from the bookshop.

Black Soul No.18 glanced at the sign: Xinhua Bookshop.

At dusk, Mai Xiaojun came back with his grandpa.

All his neighbors were much older than himself… Therefore, he had never seen a young elder sister.

He had never gotten so close to a female before, except for those female teachers and classmates.

He sensed that this elder sister was different from those other people.

But he couldn’t tell what it was… He merely noticed that Sister Xiao Ru never smiled.

Even though it was only a few days since she came.

Uncle Mai seemed to have a good harvest today, so he bought some cheap pig liver for cooking sautéed pig liver.

And many other homeless started to prepare their dinner.

Many good smells emitted from this place.

But Mai Xiaojun wasn’t attracted by those smells; rather, he peeped at this sister that had just came.

She didn’t talk to others—even if it was dinner time.

She just hid in her ‘house’, tore the bread, and put it into her mouth little by little.

Mai Xiaojun thought her meal must be very cold.

It seems that she was always thinking about something.

The rule here was that nobody would ask about anyone’s background. They always spoke about what they saw and heard today or yesterday.

But Mai Xiaojun was still at the age where he could not hold his curiosity.

“Sister Xiao Ru, do you miss your parents?”

At the age of Grade 4, he could only think of such questions.

Zhao Ru didn’t answer quickly, but she stopped and turned to look at him.

“Do you miss your parents?” Zhao Ru asked suddenly.

Nobody ever asked Mai Xiaojun this question—so he didn’t know how to answer her.

He held his textbook, and sat near the ‘door’.

“Well… sometimes.” Mai Xiaojun popped his head out to glance at his grandpa, before saying carefully, “Sister Xiao Ru, let me tell you a secret. But you must not tell anyone, ok?”

“Then don’t tell me that.”

Mai Xiaojun opened his mouth. He didn’t expect her answer—All his friends seem to care about the secrets of others.

“My grandpa sai

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