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Chapter 331: Resurrection


Ma Houde rang the doorbell and Gu Feng opened it.

Obviously Gu Feng felt a bit surprise when he saw Officer Ma. “Officer Ma, why are you here?”

“Oh, nothing important, just for some small questions, is that OK?” Ma Houde smiled.

Gu Feng nodded. After they sat down, he said, “My wife just fell asleep. Please keep the voice down.”

Ma Houde nodded, “How is your wife?”

Gu Feng bitterly smiled, “Not very well. Hasn’t eaten or slept these days. Now she’s sleeping due to exhaustion.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

Gu Feng massaged his eyebrows and wearily said, “Officer Ma, what do you want to ask? And when can we take my son’s body back?”

Ma Houde abruptly said, “Mr. Gu seems to urgently want Gu Jiajie’s body back?”

Gu Feng was stunned, and frowned, “Officer Ma, what do you mean? How can I see my son lying in that cold place?”

“We have got the autopsy report.” Ma Houde calmly said, “And according to the evidence we have collected, the result points to suicide.”

Gu Feng sighed and said nothing.

Ma Houde continued, “But… We have found lots of old and new wounds on your son’s body. Some are bruises, some are caused by weapons, does Mr. Gu know that?”

Gu Feng was surprised, “What? Why there are wounds on his body?”

“That’s why I come here. Mr. Gu.” Ma Houde said lightly, “Your son haven’t lived in school. Why haven’t you known about that at all?”

Gu Feng shook his head and said, “I really don’t know that. Perhaps he fought with others, but hasn’t told us… It seems that my son actually hid many things from us. Why did he commit suicide? We… may never know what he wants.”

Ma Houde lightly said, “Mr. Gu can keep calm in such a situation, you are really strong.”

Gu Feng signed, “Life goes on. My wife is weak now, if I’m not strong, this family will be over.”

Ma Houde suddenly sneered, “This family is over… but Mr. Gu still has another one eh?”

Gu Feng was astonished, “Officer Ma, what do you mean?”

Ma Houde suppressed his disdain and said in a low voice to not wake up the mother, “You have a mistress. And you have a three-year-old son… don’t you?”

“You…” Gu Feng gazed at him and angrily said, “You…”

Ma Houde said, “Mr. Gu, the citizens’ information system is very complete. It’s easy for us to know you are the father of that son. The birth certificate has the father’s records.”

“Keep, keep your voice down. My wife doesn’t know about it.” Gu Feng nervously and guiltily glanced at the door, “Officer Ma, it’s nothing to be surprised about. And it is not a big deal for a man’s unexpected mistake.”

Ma Houde sneered, “Gu Jiajie is not your own son. He is your wife’s child. And those years you haven’t had a baby, so you found a mistress and had a son, right?”

“Officer Ma!” Gu Feng was offended and said, “This is my personal affair, will you even interfere in this?”

“No, this is a civil case.” Ma Houde lightly said, “And, maybe… a criminal one.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Gu Feng grunted.

Ma Houde now whispered, “Gu Feng, I suspect you for assaulting Gu Jiajie and resulting in his unstable mental state and suicide. So you must come back with me for the investigation.”

“You…” Gu Feng suddenly stood up, and angrily said, “You’re defaming me!”

Ma Houde stonily said, “Mr. Gu Feng, identification technology is very advanced, if we find a knife which coincide with the wounds here, we will be sure there has been domestic violence. Of course, if you need the search warrant, I’ll give you one soon.”

“Don’t…” Gu Feng was flurried in a sudden, “Officer Ma… What, what do you want to do?”

“I just want the truth…” Ma Houde stared at him with his scary interrogated eyes, “Real truth.”

Gu Feng lowered down his head with cold sweat, “I… I admit I have hit him, but I really didn’t know he would kill himself! Are you suspecting me?”

“Tell m

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