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Chapter 363: Interrogation Carried by Wang Yuechuan


Ma Houde walked into the police station with his folded umbrella.

He heard a noise upon entering report room. Therefore, he stopped and was not astonished to see an “old acquaintance”.

Gu Feng, who was Shen Meihuan’s husband… Maybe ex-husband. Shen Meihuan said that she would get divorced from this man. Who knows what happened after that.

But there was another woman sitting in the report room with bruises on her face. It seemed that she was struck by someone.

One police officer was making a record for the case. He saw Ma Houde coming back and walked out of the report room. Giving a greeting, he said, “Officer Ma, how are you today? You seem to have returned a little later than yesterday.”

“Eh, we are caught in a traffic jam because of the heavy rain. What the hell is the city’s administration department doing? The stagnant water was overflowing everywhere!” Ma Houde complained. “What’s wrong here?”

“Eh, nothing, just an assault case.” The police said with a shrug. “The man inside was betrayed by the woman. He found the son was not his, so he beat the woman forcefully. Do you know the man? Or…”


Ma Houde raised his head and put his fingers in the key ring. Next, he patted the dust off himself and then left.

He didn’t know why he felt extremely satisfied upon seeing that Gu Feng being betrayed by others. It was really inexplicable!

But his delight was disappeared when he saw Wang Yuechuan sitting in his office. It seemed that Wang Yuechuan had been waiting for him for a while.

He pretended to take a glance at his watch and tried to ignore the man who was assigned by the provincial police station.

At this time, he saw a policewoman walking by and holding a saucer in hands. Ma Houde said to her, “Hold on, where are you going?”

The policewoman was stunned and responded, “Sir, I am bringing a cup of coffee to Mr. Wang.”

“Eh… Did you add sugar?” Ma Houde nodded and asked.

“Yes, I put one spoon of sugar.” The policewoman was confused why Ma Houde would ask her.

And Ma Houde said without any expressions, “Mr. Wang likes sugar the most, one spoon is not enough. Add six spoons more, please.”

The policewoman realized that Ma Houde wanted to play a joke on Wang Yuechuan. She said in a pitiful tone, “Sir, please! It’s okay to add six spoons more. But could you please do it yourself? I can’t afford being made into a scapegoat for this joke.”

Ma Houde opened his mouth but said nothing. He felt betrayed. He picked up the cup and drunk up the coffee. He snorted and spoke, “That’s all, and this is for me. No need to provide coffee! Water is okay for him.”


“Wait, the cold boiled water is perfect.”


Ma Houde stepped into his office with the coffee cup and made a direct eye contact with Wang Yuechuan after sitting down.

“Hi, Wang, how long h

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