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Chapter 379: Past dreams & The Book of the Dead


Apparently, the man didn’t believe what the wandering spirit said.

The barrier was not his weapon but a means to capture his target…in a gentle way.

“I haven’t heard about the tribunal house. But I can burn you my way.” The man sneered and shot out the crystals in his hands. The shining crystals were shot out just like bullets.

These crystals were so powerful and fast that they seem to be able to shatter iron.

Ordinary people couldn’t catch the movements with their eyes!

But the ghost in a black robe became a wisp of black smoke before the crystals reached it.

It scattered and reunited… Through this way, it escaped the attack easily.

The man realized a hint of danger but he still kept calm and shot more crystals from his sleeve. He began an incantation and fell back in a high speed… However, he stopped after five steps.

The black ghost was standing in front of the man, face to face… almost sticking to him.

“You are really a dabbler… Top magicians would not recite incantations for more than one second.”

The man was still holding the crystal in his hands… but a gaping wound had already appeared on his chest!

The man stared at the wound for a moment before reacting… Nevertheless, he merely frowned and asked, “What are you?”

He was staring.

Suddenly, his body crystallized and broke into many crystal particles, which looked like many broken glass fragments.

These fragments bounced on the ground. Black Soul No.18… who was in a black robe, said in a gloomy voice, “You are a good dabbler, at least you know how to hide yourself.”

This man from the very start… was not an actual body.

But Black Soul No.18 was not going to root out his real body. She always regarded the assignment as her first priority.

If this man escaped and didn’t show up again, she would let him go.

But she would play his game if he showed up once again.

Because, she could defeat him with a stinging slap no matter if it was a crystal or himself.

If one slap didn’t work, only one more was needed.

That was how easy it was for her.

The point was that the dream world set up by her had not faltered since the beginning… It was about the past dreams of this potential customer.

She transformed into a black shadow again and sneaked out of the alley secretly.

“Rustling in the wind…”

What made Zhao Ru proud was that she had earned money and supported her family to build this two-story house.

The third floor would be finished after this year.

Zhao Ru was pleased while seeing it from far away.

“Hello, Xiao Ru, welcome home!”

“Long time no see, Xiao Ru!”

People greeted her on the way home… Although this village was remote but it was not as cold as the city.

However, everyone had their difficulties. Others would never know the hardships behind the sweet smiles.

It wasn’t easy for a wage earner to go back home and spend the spring festival with their families.

Zhao Ru saw her parents and brother. This was the first time for her to be reunited with her family this year.

This was a meaningful meal.

“When will you start school, bro?”

Her mother cut up a chicken leg and added it to Zhao Ru’s bowl. But Zhao Ru was looking at her younger brother and looked forward to his feedback.

The boy gobbled. He said to Zhao Ru in a low voice, “No need.”

“No need?” Zhao Ru was confused.

Her father tried to explain, “Oh, he means he wants to accompany you these days.”

Zhao Ru smiled and continued, “Good boy. Your winter vacation will not end before I go back to work.”

But the boy put aside his chopsticks and emphasized, “Dad, just tell her I quit school!”

Her mother beckoned the boy to stop. But it didn’t work…Zhao Ru perceived the embarrassing atmosphere in the room.

“Quit school?” Zhao Ru paused for a second. She took a d

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