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Chapter 443:


In the video studio, Cheng Yun, Li Zifeng, the tuner as well as another two employees of Feiyun Entertainment, a senior producer and an image consultant, were standing on one side of the glass window.

They were talking about Cheng Yiran who was sitting on the other side of the window.

A fashionably dressed man about 30, but with a rather feminine look, said, “Emm, just so-so. He just looks like an ordinary man.”

The tuner was playing the demo from Cheng Yiran.

The other musician who was one of the producers of Heaven’s Shadow Entertainment was also listening to the demo. He said, “The voice seems…the voice is not bad, but there is nothing special. Li Zifeng, this is just at a nightclub level. Did you make a mistake?”

Li Zifeng then felt a little embarrassed… He was also listening to the demo for the first time as it was just brought by Cheng Yiran today.

“Let’s see his performance.” Li Zifeng said.

Although, his voice was not strong—Cheng Yiran sitting in the video studio with the guitar in hand looking quite confident.

Just from the demo, it was difficult to let Li Zifeng feel the fanaticism in the nightclub that night.

“Fine, just let him have a try.”

Cheng Yun took a look on his watch and said directly—‘Boss said, just satisfy the work requirements of these senior employees to encourage them to work hard.’

Otherwise, he would prefer those beautiful girls to come here and have a try… After all, they had beautiful looks.

‘We have post-production after all.’

‘We have a tuner.’

As long as their conditions were good enough and if they were willing to spend money on them, no matter how bad they sang, they can still be made famous! Besides, Feiyun Entertainment was not just focusing on singers. They could make movies as well.

They could be the mysterious agent behind those people!

Such as 3D effects plus Sino-foreign joint ventures, then with some foreign actors, a heroine who can save the world, and Chinese style elements like The Great Wall, The Yellow River… Maybe it would not be the wonderful film, but it must be the most expensive one!

So, why not chose obedient girls who were more likely to be famous?

Rather than… this kind of ordinary man from a nightclub?

Cheng Yun couldn’t understand the views of these musicians, but he was still the most important one among them—That was the power of capital.

“Mr. Cheng, please sing something.”

Li Zifeng turned on the microphone, saying to Cheng Yiran on the other side of the window, “Let me know once you are prepared, we are listening here… Just do the best you can.”

Of course, Cheng Yiran only heard the sound… To be honest, this was the first time that he came into such a kind of video studio. Apparently, it had cost a lot of money to set it up.

Maybe he would never come here without that guitar unless he paid for it out from his pocket.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yiran signed slightly—The demo he gave Li Zifeng was played with another ordinary guitar and he had also listened many times.

In fact, it was definitely not good, although he had tried his best while singing it.

But he still chose to take that demo here.

He hoped that these people would not have much expectation for him, or even hold him in contempt.

“Behold! Let my guitar conquer your ears!”

Cheng Yiran gave an ‘OK’ gesture, then closed his eyes. He put his fingers on the guitar, but didn’t sing or move for a long while.

Just as Cheng Yun was about to lose his patience, Cheng Yiran suddenly plucked the strings quickly with his fingers.

Several sounds with a huge impact struck everyone’s ear and attracted all of their attention!

As if it had magic!

The tuner even forgot about the mixer in front. His eyes suddenly brightened, with his fingers tapping the mixer involuntary, and said, “… It’s the song from Black Leopard.”

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