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Chapter 474: Days That Were Not Quiet


Sometimes… No, it should be most of the time, San Er wondered if she married too early.

On the other hand, she loved her daughter Xiaozhi very much and she never felt regret concerning her marriage.

At the same time, she always cried in front of the mirror at night… looking at her beauty and her cloudy eyes.

She asked herself sometimes after tears or at night, that ‘What the outside world looks like.’

But this time, San Er didn’t think of that—What she thought was why she got sick now.

It was just a cold, instead of serious illness, but it was a trouble to her, who ran a Tofu shop by herself, because she had to take care of Xiaozhi, as well as her Tofu shop.

“You are too tired, and will feel exhausted when you’re free. It is reasonable to get cold, and it is better to have some days’ using this opportunity.”

It was said by the old doctor of the town hospital. However, she did not know when she had free time.

Soft bones with no energy… San Er couldn’t get up this morning. She thought it was because of the cold medicine from last night.

San Er put her arm on her forehead, looking up to the ceiling while hiding under the heavy quilt… she knew she needed to be sweating all over.

There was a bowl with a little rice congee on the night table… it was cooked by Mark.

San Er did not know how a foreign man cooked such soft congee—Of course, Mark did not come into her room; he had Xiaozhi do it.

How long would this man live here? And what was his identity?

San Er didn’t understand why she allowed him to live here… he may be dangerous, because no good guys would float on rivers and lose their memories.

He might have committed crimes.

The cold that could make people’s body weak also seemed to attack San Er’s mind, and had her start to think randomly.

She breathed through her mouth and felt extremely uncomfortable. Sweat made her clothes stick to her skin.

The rising temperature made her dizzy. She seemed to see some illusions as her body became more and more uncomfortable.

She tucked her arms in the quilt; her palms became rough after all these years but her fingers were still long and slender… Now, it was as if her fingers were possessed by some sort of unstoppable magical power.


She called out gently, a numbing feeling spread from her chest to every part of her body and made her quiver.

This time, she had a stronger feeling; like an erupting volcano, it collapsed any remaining sensibility.

San Er’s body contracted, and she put the other arm into the quilt as well.

A sense of guilt generated from her mind… but meanwhile, an unprecedented excitement came, and her heart beat quickly.

She knew her daughter Xiaozhi was watching TV outside and the strange man was living next to her room.

But why?

Just a light tease by herself shocked all her nerves.

Her sensi

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