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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 522 - Why Intersect?
Chapter 522: Why Intersect?

Translator:Alfredo Poutine SoupEditor:DesTheSloth

Watching Cheese losing his wits, Wind said indifferently, “Let’s get started, I have no time to wait for you… 30 seconds, begin, or not.”

Cheese shoulders quivered faintly… he didn’t even dare to imagine how he would face the choice if he lost one point.

To choose one relative, have them die in front of him… What a terrible nightmare it would be!

“It’s not the time to be in a daze…Don’t move, don’t let others know I’m talking!”

Right then, a woman’s voice came into Cheese’s ears, which made his heart beat crazily.

“Can you hear me? If yes, knock with your finger. Remember, lightly, I can see it.”

Cheese knocked the floor faintly.

That woman continued to say, “I know you are wondering about who I am, but it’s not the time to reveal it. The point is, how to get rid of the problem. Listen, I don’t know what is the enmity between you two, but he’s too much. I didn’t plan to put my finger in another’s pie, but I am fed up with his behavior… Try to delay, and I’ll find a way to seek for the location of your relatives… Understand?”

Cheese didn’t know this woman, he had never even heard of this voice… and didn’t know if she really wanted to help him.

But now, it was like a life-saving straw, he knocked the floor again.

“Remember, try to delay the time! I’m going!”

Cheese raised his head, but didn’t see any shadow moving… and now, Wind said, “Did you make your decision?”

Cheese breathed deeply and stood up… ‘Try to delay the time’, he thought.

So he looked at Wind silently, without speaking.

“Are you protesting with silence?” Wind sneered, “It doesn’t work, 30 seconds is up!”

“Hold on!”

Cheese said in a low voice, “Why should I trust in you? They are all under control, how can I believe this rule? What if I win, but you don’t release them?”

While Wind sneered, “You have no right to choose, you can choose to give up… and I can choose anybody to kill!”

Cheese snorted, “Then I give up… if you are powerful, kill me as well as everybody! And then, you will never beat me in your life forever… because you don’t have a chance!”

Wind laughed, “Ridiculous! You lost to me half a year ago, I’ve already won over you!”

Cheese said in a low voice, “You won because of my concession… but you may not in the next game. But if you like that result, then just kill me!”

Cheese deeply breathed, closed his eyes, and held still with angry words, “Kill me!”

Wind look became confused; he heaved a sigh after a while, and asked, “What would you like? It’s impossible to release anybody before the game.”

Cheese replied then, “Let me think… I need a fair game! If I lose, I’ll be sincerely convinced.”

“You want fairness?” Wind frowned.

Cheese said, “Yes! Absolute fairness! Nobody is allowed to use their monster power, because yours is better than mine! Let’s play by our own skills! If you use that, then

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