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Chapter 332: A Formal Visit


“Even a resurrection couldn’t bring your real son to you.”

Shen Meihuan now understood the meaning of this word.

He could walk, but he had no heartbeat. His muscles were soft, but his body was cold.

He had some reaction, but he couldn’t talk… He just instinctively acted without thinking.

The living dead… This horrible idea suddenly came out in Shen Meihuan’s brain.

But no matter what.

No matter what.

“You are my son.” Shen Meihuan held his son’s face and softly said, “I gave birth to you, no matter what you look like, you are my child…”

The son’s eyes suddenly blinked as if he understood it— Perhaps this was just the functional response.

But Shen Meihuan felt her son had spoken to her and he just wasn’t used to this state.

“Yes, you must be…” Shen Meihuan gently said, “You must be hurt and confused when you fell down… It must be so! Don’t be afraid, boy, mom is here!”

“Are you hungry?”

“Look at yourself, so dirty.”

“Do you want water?”

It seemed that this son was a worrying kid. Shen Meihuan laid her son in bed, and gently touched his head, “Sleep, sleep…”

Suddenly, Shen Meihuan heard some voices… The door was opened!

Her husband, Gu Feng, came back.

Shen Meihuan quickly sat up, tightly held her son and nervously said, “Don’t be afraid, mom is here… I won’t let him hit you again, I won’t… won’t…”

After he closed the door, changed his shoes, and finally sat down in the living room for a while, Gu Feng shouted, “I’m back.”

It’s difficult to describe how irritable his mood was…

Gu Feng had got out of the police station through his connections. His lawyer also told him it was not difficult to win the lawsuit, which made him feel relieved.

But he had to handle the relationship with his wife— He was only a common man when he married Shen Meihuan.

Even though she remarried, she brought him lots of luck. In recent years, he even started to run a small factory, so their living conditions became better and, naturally, work got busier.

The key point was that Shen Merihuan owned some shares of this factory.

“Meihuan, are you here? Meihuan?”

Gu Feng pinched his forehead and wearily said, “Let’s have a talk, OK? I admit I struck Jiajie, I was wrong. But I really haven’t thought he would…You know, every child might be hit by their parents. I also have been hit by my dad when I was a child. I think we all have mistakes. You haven’t taken good care of your son, have you? Meihuan, Meihuan, Are you there…”

Gu Feng suddenly felt a sharp pain on the back of his head. His brain was buzzing and dizzy, then he lost consciousness.

He directly collapsed down on the sofa. Shen Meihuan who was holding a rolling pin stood behind him, “I, I will never let a beast like you hit my son.”

Then Shen Meihuan seemed to wake up from her dream; she threw away the rolling pin. She didn

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