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Chapter 380: Long Long Ago


This was the second time for Officer Ma and Wang Yuechuan to meet the girl in front of them.

This high school student looked even more frightened than last time.

She called the police when she was threatened for the first time. However, this was the third time already.

“Was this threatening letter still sent to the school?” Ma Houde was looking at this girl and frowned.

She nodded her head… She didn’t dare to tell her parents about this.

The students started to guess the truth ever since the cram school closed down. So they tried to avoid contacting each other, even if they were friends or acquaintances.

“Sir! I heard that… the dead victims were all… Sir, I don’t want to die. Save me, Please! I know I was wrong.”

“Don’t worry, we will take care of your safety.” Ma Houde said seriously, “We have taken action to protect you since the last time. The bad guy will be arrested at once if he approached you. Relax.”

But the girl was still anxious, “But why could… the threatening letter… still be sent to the school…”

This was what Officer Ma couldn’t explain.

The letter was mailed to the school directly, but they couldn’t find Zhao Ru’s picture on the surveillance system of the post office… So, the only conclusion was that she placed the letter into the mailbox herself.

The problem was that they were too many people putting letters into that mailbox in one day. It was difficult to trace who was the suspect… And they couldn’t investigate one by one, which would wake the sleeping dog.

“Do you want to resolve this matter?” Wang Yuechuan asked the girl suddenly.

The girl was stunned. This was the second time she met Wang Yuechuan.

He was cool… and handsome. But he said nothing last time.

She nodded subconsciously… She heard her heart beating quickly upon seeing his handsome face. Compared to Officer Ma with the big belly, Wang Yuechuan seemed more reliable in the girl’s eyes.

“Then give me a hand.” Wang Yuechuan continued, “I need you to plan a suicide…”

Officer Ma said nothing when the girl was on the scene.

He couldn’t help asking Wang Yuechuan when the girl left. “Wang Yuechuan, I think your plan will put the girl in danger. It’s ridiculous!”

“If we can’t find the murder, the other students are in danger, too.” Wang Yuechuan added his point, “There are more names on that paper. Anyone of them could be the next victim. But now, only this girl was willing to cooperate with us.”

“It sounds reasonable, but!”

Ma Houde couldn’t agree with him totally. “But we aren’t sure where Zhao Ru is hiding. What if she didn’t threaten them but killed them herself? This is not a joke. It concerns a life!”

“What she can do is merely come into contact with the criminal.”

Wang Yuechuan said, “According to what we have, the threatening letter was sent one after another. When the students collapsed, the murderer would send the final letter to make the students commit suicide… When the final letter comes, it’s me, who shall step onto the roof.”

Different waste pickers had their own places to working… In other words, they would occupy a place like a ‘fixed site’.

Here was the ‘fixed site’ of Uncle Mai.

“There are so many cardboard cartons here!” Old Mai said happily.

The staff who brought Old Mai here responded, “Yes. People opened their packages and threw the cartons here. And also, the rest package materials can be recycled, too. You can pick them up if you like.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Old Mai patted his grandson’s back—he just picked the boy up from school.

“Xiaojun, you go over there. We can go home after I finish working!”

Mai Xiaojun jumped over there. He turned back to see his grandpa. Seeing he was busy with work, Mai Xiaojun inserted an envelope into the mailbox right away.

Sister Xiao Ru told him that she would buy ice cream for him…

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