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Chapter 428: In the Name of Xuanyuan


A prickling and piercing feeling spread over Su Zijun’s whole body the moment she saw the long red spear in Kuck’s hands. This was despite the distance between them.

It is difficult for an ordinary man to fight against monsters, but this was only accurate during the ancient times. A man in modern times with a modern weapon can definitely be a threat to monsters.

“You don’t belong to the Godly Land.” Su Zijun squinted, and suddenly said, “But I know you come from a place called ‘Club’.”

Kuck frowned, but said calmly, “I am surprised that you—the princess of the monsters in the east, know where I’m from.”

Su Zijun said, “I also have my sources of intelligence… Do you think your club is the most mysterious?”

Of course…They had to pay for the intelligence.

It cost two thousand evil demon souls to get.

“There is a proverb from the east, ‘Talking more doesn’t lead to any benefits’.” Kuck waved the Thousand-Thorn Spear, with his body slightly leaning forward, saying, “My spear has never drunk the blood of a strong monster from the east!”

With the swipe of the Thousand-Thorn Spear on the ground, a flash of golden light rushed toward Su Zijun from the ground. Su Zijun condensed her monster force into a wall unhurriedly to withstand it.

She may look down on Kuck, but she couldn’t ignore the Thousand-Thorn Spear that had killed so many powerful enemies. There was even a trace of life in it…as if it had its own will.

This reminded Su Zijun of the monks in the ancient Godly Land—During ancient times, when the monks were in the fight against monsters, they created many powerful weapons to beat the monsters.

They called these weapons ‘Godly Force’.

Kuck knew that the best way to beat enemy is to be much quicker, so he held onto the Thousand-Thorn Spear, rushing towards Su Zijun like a leopard with all his force exploding out the moment he got the chance. It looked like he was fighting with a whole army, no one could stop him.

Su Zijun felt the temperament of a warrior from Kuck. She didn’t know much about the Thousand-Thorn Spear, and dared not look down on it. The red monster force flowed quickly from both sides of her body, and converged into her hands, turning into two bloody red swords.

Sliding over the ground for several feet, Su Zijun suddenly stopped, and placed the red sword in front of her face to accurately block the coming Thousand-Thorn Spear.

At the same time, the red sword was also shattered.

But Su Zijun still maintained her calm; she bent her knee and stabbed the sword in her other hand, making a perfect counterattack toward Kuck immediately!

As Kuck had experienced many fights with his Thousand-Thorn Spear over many years, he turned his body quickly, allowing the bloody red sword to graze past his waist.

He kicked the end of the hilt, using the end to rush toward Su Zijun’s chest.


The red sword burst into pieces the moment it met the Thousand-Thorn Spear. Su Zijun flew back for about three meters.

The fight happened within a blink. Both of them were trying to test how powerful their enemy was.

Su Zijun suddenly smiled, saying, “Good spear, it deserves to be called a Godly Force weapon.”

Kuck didn’t say anything, he merely held the Thousand-Thorn Spear tightly… In fact, he could already feel his palm turning slightly numb.

Bang, bang, bang.

Heavy air pressure clashed in the cave… There were no plants here, so the only way to tell how strong the airflow was was from the wind howling through the cave!

Xiang Liu had already left this place while the fight was ongoing but he could also hear the sound from afar.

‘There are a total of twelve fighters in the club, and Kuck is just one of them. But he could already fight against Su Zijun like this with his Thousand-Thorn Spear…’

Xiang Liu had his own plan… He knew the coope

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