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Chapter 444: Unworthiness


The residents here had always called this place ‘paradise’—because it was an ideal country.

On the other side of the mountain, only the believers of the Lord could live there. They hoped that they would be blessed by God in the future.

Similarly, since only the identified talents could live there; they didn’t know there were many large buildings that they’d never seen on the other side of the mountain—Hidden underground buildings.

In this place, there was also a person called the head managing this ‘paradise’.

The hanged man, the priestess, tower, temperance, pope, wheel of fortune, etc. These people named after the tarot cards, gathered again.

This was the first gathering ever since the command to secretly return last time… So many people with the name of Tarot gathered here.

“Everybody, we have lost contact with Kuck.” The Fool said slowly. There was only a simple pattern of a man in a funny dress holding a white rose revealing on the screen.

“Kuck… Shouldn’t he be on standby? What about Xiang Liu?”

“We can’t contact him either.” The Fool said indifferently, “But considering that even Kuck is missing, it can be assumed that Xiang Liu has betrayed the contract.”

“Kuck is very careful and we have secretly issued orders to monitor Xiang Liu…”

The Fool suddenly said, “Do you remember a few months ago, we lost the goods and Scorpio was also ‘visited’?”

They all fell silent at once.

The Fool said, “Coincidently, Kuck and Xiang Liu are also in that city… What are your opinions?”

At this point, a voice said slowly, “First of all, we have to know whether Kuck is alive or dead; before that, maintain the original decision and suspend activities around the world… There is another thing, many of our outer organizations have been destroyed. Obviously someone is dealing with us.”

“Is that guy called Avenger?” Another man called Pope said, “I know about this. Priestess, you are in charge of intelligence, haven’t you figured out the origins of this Avenger?”

The Priestess said, “This Avenger is currently concentrating in the Middle East. According to the report on the Avenger, I speculate that the Avenger is likely to be Jessica, who has been missing for months.”

“It’s her…”

“It turned out to be her…”

“Can Jessica destroy our outer organizations alone? Or is she really totally committed to the Interpol organization? Since the last time she betrayed them, many of our hidden people have been killed secretly…”

The Priestess said indifferently, “No, she should be alone. According to the survivor’s account, the Avenger may know how to use electricity… This is the only photo.”

On the screen of the Priestess, a picture that was not very clear appeared suddenly.

In this picture, a woman in black tight-fitting leather opened her hands and some blue-violet arcs were wrapping around her… Many people fell to the ground.

“Well… Did Jessica join the development plan about new humans before?” Suddenly a voice rang.

The Fool said, “She is not in the plan. According to the information, she was just a common person without latent talent… Well, one more thing. The call that Scorpio received was sent from Jessica’s mobile phone.”

“She bought the ability.”

“It’s the only possibility… The Club!”

“But we don’t know if this ability will grow and how strong it is.”

“You can’t let the Avenger continue messing around with our outer organizations… I suggest using the power of the judgment team to clear this variable.”



“In addition, we have to send someone to the city to investigate the movements of Kuck and Xiang Liu. The news reports about a sky hole and a vision of flowers blooming all together… This should not be a natural anomaly.”

“Who can go there?”

“Let the person who inherited the name of Nero go.”


The place became

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