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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 475 - An Nyeong Hi Ke Se Yo!①
Chapter 475: An Nyeong Hi Ke Se Yo!①


Mark looked down the alley, but did not find anything.

He did not know what the gum grasped in his palm meant.

But he had an extraordinary feeling… as he thought, Mark put down Xiaozhi. He then opened the back door of the Tofu Shop and let her in.

Mark squatted down, saying calmly, “Listen, letting you come out does not mean your mom hates you, but is just worried that she may pass her cold to you.”

“Really?” Xiaozhi was young and did not know what a lie was.

Mark just nodded and explained, “If you don’t believe me, you may go to your mother’s room, now she will not scold you anymore.”

Xiaozhi said, “Uncle Mark, can you take me to play that again? That was really great!!”

Little girls had a unique skill where adults would not be able to refuse their request; her big eyes blinked, like an innocent and pure elf.

“Of course.”

Mark did not talk more, but pushed her slightly and then closed the back door—Of course he also sealed the door with a stick to prevent the girl from pushing open it.

He did it so carefully, but didn’t notice it himself.

Mark now squinted his eyes slightly; his gaze looked sharp as if it became a sharp sword. He walked swiftly through the direction the weird gum had been shot.

San Er did not know what to do. She felt upset scolding her daughter and also ashamed for doing that.

She had almost been found out or maybe Mark had figured out something already.

San Er sensed that she did not have the courage to step out of this room… but, ‘Is Xiaozhi still crying now?’

She could hear the cry of her daughter vaguely from downstairs… probably at the backdoor.

At this moment, the room door had been opened, and a small head came inside. As if looking at a frightened animal, San Er felt a jolt of pain. She patted the bed, saying softly, “Xiaozhi, come to mom.”

Xiaozhi bounded on the bed, but did not get close; instead, she asked cautiously, “Uncle Mark said that mom asked me to stay away because she was worried that I will catch your cold. Is it true?”

“Did he say so?” San Er hesitated.

Xiaozhi nodded seriously, “Yes, he did”

“Then is Uncle Mark outside now?” San Er questioned.

Xiaozhi replied, “I do not know, Uncle Mark seemed to have locked the door and went out.”

San Er sighed, “Xiaozhi, take a seat here, and stay with mom, OK?”

“Sure! Do you want to tell stories to me?”

“Yes, I do.” San Er smiled, “What story would you like?”

“I want to listen to ‘Snow White and the Seven Big Mushrooms’!”

Turn left, and then turn right… Mark did not know why he chose this route.

He chose it by instinct, even if he did not see a figure in front.

As to the origin of the instinct, he had no idea.

He could not still remember who he was, where he came from… but he remembered many useful things.

Mark stopped in the middle of a short alley—his eyes turned sharp, looking at every corner in this short alley!

Suddenly, Mark used swiped his arm towards the place behind him! At the moment his attack almost reached, a figure swiftly stepped back and evaded the hit.

It turned out it was Nero, gray hair, weird clothes, and with both hands in her pockets.

“You are still as sensitive as a beast. Nobody could get close to you.” Nero shook her head, “So, it has been a while, Kuck.”

“Do you know me?” Mark frowned.

Nero frowned as well; then she bent her knees slightly… the pair of long legs with amazing springiness abruptly threw a spin kick.

Mark was stunned; it seemed that he felt an uncomfortable sense toward this weird woman. Raising his arm, he tried to shove her aside, but he was too weak and kicked against the wall by that severe attack.

Nero did not continue attacking but slanted her head and asked, “Huh… Kuck, where is your Thousand-Thorn Spear?”

“Who are you? Do you know me?” Mark w

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