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Chapter 523: A Short Distance Away

Translator:Alfredo Poutine SoupEditor:DesTheSloth

Staying at the top of the gym, Luo Qiu and the servant girl felt the air turned clearer.

“Well, we may have missed a singer, for finishing Ms. Long’s trade.” Boss Luo looked down at the huge stage… he said it that way, but he didn’t have the sad look.

The servant girl moved her gaze and came to her master, “Master, shouldn’t we focus on Ms. Ren?”

Outside the gymnasium, Subeditor Ren was moving around, sweating like a pig.

Luo Qiu shook his head, “Don’t worry, she sat for too long in the office and claimed that she got too fat. Furthermore, she is always complaining that I cook too much meat… so let her do some exercise.”

But the boss still looked at her, “She’s always so silly. No matter when, she’ll try to work hard, even for a stranger.”

The servant girl saw warmth filled her Master’s eyes.

She didn’t bother him, but looked around… until she found a figure running in the dim night.

She seemed to a smell scent… so she turned her gaze to the side venue.

Over there.

In the center of the indoor basketball court, Wind’s look focused on someone.

“Have you finished?”

Leg lift, pressing, stretching… Cheese went through all the warm-up exercises… and now he was doing finger movement!

“This is vital, so I have to prepare thoroughly.” Cheese said seriously, “If you were me, could you be careless when your relatives are treated this way?”

“I have no relatives!” Wind suddenly got angry, and roared to him, “Cheese! Get started now! if you are still so lazy, then I’ll kill all of them! Nini, go ahead!!”

Cheese was shocked, and started sweating due to the scare. It was clear that he could not be able to delay any longer. So he said, “Don’t!! I’m ready! Here we go!”

Wind snorted and waved his hand to have Nini stop her actions of pressing the button of the laptop.

Cheese took a deep breath, “I can compete… but I want to attack first!”

“Humph, no problem.” Wind sneered, kicking the ball to Cheese, “There’s no goal. If you can pass me and run to the bottom line with the football, you score!”

“You said not to use monster powers… just do it with our own skills.” Cheese accepted the pass, “I don’t want any fouls either!”

“Come on!” Wind now grasped his knees, bending down.

Cheese took a deep breath… since it came to this, he could not anchor his hope on that mysterious woman. What he could only do was do his best to score.

He could only try and act carefully!

Cheese kicked the football with a raise of his ankle. Every cell in his body was taut as he rushed with the ball to the left side of Wind, as if he were a shooting arrow.

“Come on! Come here!!” Wind patted his hands, “That’s right, Cheese, that’s right… I’ll never let you pass!”

Wind raised his legs, dashing to Cheese… his speed was too fast even without using his monster power.

“I’ll get there!!”


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