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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 523 - A Short Distance Away
Depends on your skill!! Brat… fake move!”

“Don’t be proud… once more!”

While contending with football vehemently, Cheese heart beat quickly, stopping him from tackling. The only thing he thought was how to beat Wind—even if he heard Wind’s laughter.

‘Why is he laughing… laughing at me?’

Cheese collected himself, telling himself not to be influenced by his laughter. Soon, he had a chance, scram, turn around, repeat it several times… he passed him!!

At the moment Wind lost balance, Cheese abruptly dashed over from his right side; he dribbled, and rushed to the bottom line!

Right then, a short shadow showed up at his back… Wind! He failed to cross over; Wind now lowered his body using the running inertia!

Slide tackle! An exact slide tackle!

Cheese was careless and the ball had been intercepted; he even fell down due to the loss of balance. When he got up, Wind was stepping on the ball and shrugging, “It’s not a foul.”

“Come again!!”

“It’s my turn…” Wind chuckled, dashing towards the other bottom line, “It’s my goal!”

“Not yet!!”

Wind and Cheese were fighting with the ball… five minutes passed, but neither scored.

And the only audience Nini, was now looking at them silently, “Stop… stop…”

She tried to say something, but soon she turned absent-minded again.

6 minutes passed… 7 minutes passed… 8 minutes passed.

They were still trying to score the first point.

Cheese ran with sweat streaming down his back… each action he did was under heavy pressure; he tried his best with all his strength.

And so did Wind, but laughter kept appearing on his face, “It’s good to insist. But… you look exhausted and I haven’t used all my energy yet!”

Cheese gasped for air but still refused to admit being inferior, “I didn’t even use half of mine!”

“Then I just used 30%!” Wind snorted.

“I used less than 20%! Don’t be complacent!!”

“Tut… I’ll cross you!” Wind look turned extremely sharp— now, he controlled the ball!

This time, Wind turned in front of Cheese; he raised the ball to his knee with his tiptoes, juggling, and intending to kick it over Cheese’s head.

Cheese knew Wind’s mind, so he turned around consciously— he would not have him pass, he… needed to protect his families and friends!

But… where was the ball? Why didn’t he see it? Why?

When Cheese turned his head, he saw Wind supporting his body with one hand… He stood using his hands, with his legs clamped the ball!

He clamped the football the moment he juggled and when Cheese turned around… when Cheese witnessed the scene, Wind had landed, and dashed from the other side!

He was almost reaching the bottom line… bottom line… bottom line!

Cheese ran towards his shadow… at full tilt… even using his monster power!

His speed was increased several times… he got there! Almost caught Wind’s clothes! A little… a little!

He got it!!

Cheese was excited, but he just grasped Wind’s clothes… it tore! And

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