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Chapter 287: Suffocation


The matter which Efim was most worried about eventually happened; and it occurred on the same day—He suddenly felt he had been caught in a huge net.

An uneasy feeling arose since his identity had been disclosed in the manor.

And when a police car arrived at the building, such a feeling reached its peak.

“Did they say why they came here?”

“No, they didn’t.” He said quickly, “He just showed his Police ID and said he needs to see you for an important issue. But he looks very anxious.”

Efim thought in silence before nodding, “Tell him to wait for me downstairs and I’ll right there after changing my clothes.”

“Got it.”

His follower nodded. He had to do many things, include receiving the policeman, cleaning this room thoroughly and taking away something that didn’t belong to this place.

“Hahaha, thanks for waiting for me for such a long time. I was taking a shower just now, because I have a habit of going to sleep before ten o’clock.”

Efim, who changed his clothes, went downstairs during this time. He glanced at the cop. His follower said he had verified his ID, so he didn’t suspect him.

“Hello, Mr. Efim, I’m Victor, sorry for bothering you at night.” Victor nodded and suddenly approached Efim.

But Efim’s bodyguard stopped him, and replied calmly, “Mr. Victor, stay away.”

Victor said calmly, “Mr. Efim, can I talk with you alone… I don’t think you will refuse me.”

“Really?” Efim said indifferently, “If I say to your boss that some of his subordinates came to my house to harass me, I don’t think he will refuse my complaint.”

But Victor smiled and lowered his voice, “I heard Mr. Efim bought a wonderful thing today, right?”

Suddenly, Efim narrowed his eyes, hesitating for a moment before waving his hand, “You guys leave for now, I’ll talk with Mr. Victor.”

After all his men had left, Efim sat down slowly, and asked calmly, “What did you say just now? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Victor now revealed a smiling face, walking to Efim again. He took out his cellphone and put it on the table— just in front of Efim.

“I think Mr. Efim will be quite interested in the contents of the video.”

“Oh, will I?” Efim picked up the cellphone— and played it.

However, Efim’s face gradually turned awkward as the video went— He didn’t need to watch it to the end and paused it midway.

He laid down his cellphone and looked up at Victor, whose fingers were slowly tapping the handrail.

After a long time.

Efim suddenly opened his mouth, “What do you want?”

Victor slowly said, “This is what my subordinate provided me with. I guessed he was hoping to provide some contribution… After all, this video clearly reveals that Mr. Efim bought a painting, which has been stolen from the art museum… It happened today, so we have reasons to believe that the painting is still in your hand. But I have buried the

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