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Chapter 317: There is a Monster in Everyone’s Heart


A voice told her by her ear—Kill her.

Early in the morning, Allie suddenly felt a chill in the air. She woke up, it turned out that Gloria had opened the dormitory window and cold wind blew in.

Gloria took a piece of clothing and draped in Allie’s body, exclaiming incredibly, “Oh my god, you actually stayed up all night!”

Allie firmly grasped the clothes, suddenly asking, “Did you hear a sound?”

“Oh, was there? What kind of sound?” Gloria was stunned.

Allie gaped and shook her head. She unconsciously looked to the mirror beside and found a gaunt face. After that, she looked at Gloria.

She was so bright and enchanting.

“Allie? Are you not feeling well?” Gloria asked with worry, “Tell me if you feel uncomfortable.”

“No.” Allie shook her head.

“Is there something on your mind?” Gloria pressed Allie’s shoulders and bowed her head, “Is it about your boyfriend? Len? Tell me, we are good friends.”

“Good friends…” Allie softly repeat it, while looking at Gloria and herself in the mirror.

When they crowded their faces together, why did Gloria’s face became such a weird… She knew nothing was wrong with Gloria, but why did her face look so horrible in the mirror?

Like a monster.

“Gloria… What will you do if one day I hurt you? Allie asked suddenly.

Gloria shrugged, replying confidently, “Why would you hurt me?”

“That’s because there is a monster living in my heart.”

She was puzzled that which side was true. The reality or the fantasy?

Where was here? Narrow, narrow, narrow, and dusky… She found she was in such a place upon waking up at midnight.

They said that this was the living area belonging to the hospital. Oh, the wall was all carpeted with soft cotton bales. Allie sat up, looking at the clothes she wore, puzzled.

Why did her clothes look like hospital gown?

Oh, this was a mental hospital.

She didn’t remember how long she had been living there… When did she come in? She couldn’t remember that.

She couldn’t even distinguish if something that happened before was a dream, illusion, or a real issue.

Occasionally, the man called the doctor would come to chat with her. He said that there was a monster in everyone’s heart, but it was not that terrible. However, if you run from it, it’d turn stronger and stronger.

Finally, one day, it would completely devour yourself.

Was that true? When it turned quiet, Allie looked up to the small iron window, ‘Is that true?’

‘Oh, where is this place? Gloria? Len… Branham… Where are you?’

In the narrow, narrow, narrow room, Allie curled up at the corner. She saw monsters again and again, who looked like Len, Branham, and Gloria, surrounded herself.

“Go away!”

There is a monster in everyone’s heart.

The shadow of the trees were retreating quickly… It was too dark, she could only see an endless black cloth outside the car.

‘Am I in a car?’

‘Not in that narrow place?’

Allie was leaning on the car window quietly, feeling that her life was like the fluids in the sewer, too messy… and terrible.

She didn’t even know why she was in the car… It should be a police car because the driver was wearing a policeman uniform.

‘Is there a monster in everyone’s heart?’

‘That’s really ugly.’

Allie realized what the two cops would do to her, when she was tied on the tree. But…was this reality?

Or was it just a nightmare?

One more time, she couldn’t distinguish if she was in a dream or in life—‘Is it true? Shouldn’t I be in that super cramped room?’

Anyway, the sense of touch seem to be real.

That was really ugly… ‘if I cover my eyes, will I feel better?’

‘Ah, what a disgusting feeling.’

There was a monster in everyone’s heart… An incomparably ugly monster… ‘Please swallow me, I don’t want to distinguish which one is reality a

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