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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 492 - Last Successor Of Xianji?
Chapter 492: Last Successor Of Xianji?


“Is it really a shadow of a blood wolf?” Gui Qianyi frowned.

Here was at the specially dug out space in the basement of the Elysium Bar… Of course, it was not some kind of base, but it could stop those monsters that were without invitation.

“Yes.” Ghost Baby had retold the situation, “In addition, I think Wind has demonized but isn’t controlled by the devil inside; instead, he opened his brutal nature.”

“I see…” Gui Qianyi closed eyes and started to consider.

Nobody knew how old this old turtle was. In most of the monsters’ views, the name Gui Qianyi could be traced back to the first record their ancestors wrote.

“An evil wolf appeared in China 100 years ago…” Gui Qianyi suddenly opened his eyes, “That time you should have been cultivating quietly but you should have heard about it after that.”

Ghost Baby frowned and recalled, “Master Gui means that guy is called the ‘Last Successor Of Xiaoji’?”

“That is right.” Gui Qianyi said seriously, “When it comes to ‘Xianji’, I have to mention another big counterpart in western myth legend… Fenrir. Xianji is one of the two sons of Huge Wolf Fenrir, who killed Odin, the king of all Gods. It has another name—‘The wolf chasing after the sun’.”

Ghost Baby walked back and forth, “I remember I heard that the evil wolf showed up at Qinghai-Tibet plateau before, and killed dozen thousands of monsters, taking over the lead.”

Gui Qianyi nodded, “Yes, that made the people there panicked. Plus Master Long went abroad for medicine, so envoys from monster clan came to Xuanyuan Palace to seek for help. Unexpectedly when I took my guards there, the evil wolf disappeared. However…”

“Master Gui, I hate it when you keep me guessing.”

“Young man, don’t be impolite to seniors!” Gui Qianyi rolled up its eyes, “However, I found a trace of war there… the whole snow peak had collapsed, huge cracks were seen everywhere. There were no signs of survival on the battleground. That was a decisive battle between huge monsters…”

“Who did that evil wolf fight with?”

“Should be.” Gui Qianyi sighed, “We tried to look for it but we failed. The only thing we knew that we never found that evil wolf anymore. And the plateau turned quiet until now where a little vitality was regained.”

“Did the evil wolf use the power of the blood wolf?”

“According to the description of the plateau’s monster clans, it was the same as you said.”

“Is Wind-Chasing Wolf the descendant of that evil wolf?” Ghost Baby frowned and his face turned gloomy, “But his original body should belong to a common wolf, shouldn’t it?”

“I have no idea about that…” Gui Qianyi suddenly stood up, “I think I need to visit Master Long and talk about this matter. Ghost Baby, prepare a car for me!”

A BMW 7-series black car was parked out of the pet hospital. A freak wearing leather clothes with many piercings and

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