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Chapter 310: Silent Night 4th


University means more freedom— Although students already had a high degree of freedom in their high schools.

However, who will reject escaping their parents’ eyes, to live with their peers in dormitories, far away from the nagging of parents about coming back late. Furthermore, having more time to do part time jobs and earn a discretionary income?

One should be happier… Allie thought so.

She sat on the grass next to the school playground while reading Tagore’s book and thinking of it— but half a semester passed and she didn’t feel the so-called happiness.

Suddenly someone patted her head.

Allie turned around unconsciously— it was Gloria—the classmate who had been living with her since high school.

“You are here.”

Gloria sat down and looked at Allie, “People in the group asked me why you were absent again. Allie, if you don’t like it, why did you attend at the beginning?”

Allie sulked, “Do you think I really like to participate in the ridiculous group? Biting lettuce? Oh my God, just what kind of weird brain do they have to think of such a strange activity? Actually I don’t even know why biting lettuce can be popular in a university! Are your lives so boring if you don’t bite lettuce?”

“I don’t like it either.” Gloria said while shrugging her shoulder.

Allie was stunned, “But it was you who dragged me in that group.”

Gloria played around with her curly hair—she just had it permed into big wavy hair— Allie knew she did it for fully 5 hours in the salon.

“That’s because some boys in it look good.” Gloria said with excitement, “And, don’t you think getting a boyfriend is what you need to do at this stage?”

Allie snorted, “Yeah, our parents paid to get us here just to hook up with boys.”

Gloria lay down and said, “I just feel youth without love will be too boring. Besides, I’m also studying. You, don’t just stay in the classrooms, library and the dormitory, OK?”

Allie sulked, “I’m not you, Miss Gloria. You can get an A in the quiz after attending a whole-night party; if I don’t review before tests, I would probably get a B.”

“Don’t hold your nerves too tightly!” Gloria patted the lawn beside her and said, “Follow me, stop, stretch yourself, and then you will think the world is still very good.”

Allie shook her head, “I just know if I cannot get a high score in the exam, I may fail to get the scholarship for next semester.”

As saying, she quickly put away the things on the ground and stood up, “I’m now going to the library, would you like go with me?”

Gloria waved her hand.

At the time Allie turned around, she collided someone, and books dropped down the grass.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry…”

“My name is Len, and this is Branham…”

Blood was still spreading.

After a long time did Allie respond to the situation.

Gloria jumped up from the sofa, she had no time to wear shoes and just rushed towards them.

Allie saw Gloria holding Branhma’s arm and crying, “What the hell is going on… Oh! My God!”

“It must be that weird guy! Must be!” Branham took a deep breath at this moment. “It must be the dead body of Mrs. Maggie…My god, did we meet a crazy killer?”

“Let’s go! I don’t want to stay at this place! Branham!” Gloria said quickly.

Suddenly — bang.

The door was suddenly slammed shut.

It was too loud, and attracted Allie’s focus towards the door!

“What happened!”

Not only the door, but both the sliding floor of the living room and the window of the dining room had been closed!

Branham suddenly walked to the doorway, turning the door handle. But no matter how hard he turned, he couldn’t open the door lock.

Branham tried several more times, but he failed.

He suddenly turned his head— he stared at the house owner— the young man from the East, “What’s wrong with this place? Why was the door suddenly closed?

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