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Chapter 326: Cram School


Subeditor Ren came to the police station with two boxes of cake.

Ma Houde was attentively playing Minesweeper in the office. It was time for him to get the highest score in history.

He had played more than ten years, but he never got to the last mine during these years. Officer Ma felt God was helping him now.

He wiped the sweat on his palm before he clicked the last mine, “Come on! My prehistorical powers! It’s time to witness the miracle! ”

He took a deep breath to fight for the win. However, at the moment where he waited for the honor, the office door popped open.

“Old Ma! Afternoon tea!”

This nightmare voice suddenly interrupted Officer Ma, which caused his finger to unconsciously slipped… BOW!

“Ren Ziling! I hate you!”

“This cake is pretty good.” Ma Houde took a bite, but still looked guarded at the troublesome woman, “How many tickets are there in this month? Honestly, if it’s more than ten, I’m not doing it!”

“Just ten.”

“…” Ma Houde massaged his eyebrows, sighing, and picking up the second cake.

It was free anyway and he had to do the work… Better to eat more and take profits rather than giving them to outsiders, “Has little Luo Qiu come back?”

“Yes! He came back yesterday… Oh, this is a gift for you from him.”

Looking at the ashtray, Officer Ma joyfully lifted it to look up and down, “Perfect! Luo Qiu knows my favorite!”

Soon after.

Ma Houde came close with his body bent over the desk and asked, “You say little Luo Qiu has a girlfriend, what’s she like?”

“Ma Houde, when did you become so gossipy?” Ren Ziling smiled, “Not busy recently? Haven’t you said you are working on creating a civilized city and became dog-tired?”

Ma Houde just replied, “That’s over, the city leaders are already very kind, still coming to the office instead of lying at home.”

“Are you really free recently?” Ren Ziling suddenly asked.

“I have no information for you.” Ma Houde knew clearly what the woman thought, “Recently everywhere is peaceful! No strange cases, except thefts. If you’re interested in, go get it from them.”

“You said suicides happened where several people died?”

“But as you said, it’s suicide right?” Ma Houde still fiddled with the ashtray, “Forensic expert Old Qin also agreed with it. It’s rather coincidental that all of them are good students in different schools without any personal animosity. But…”

“But what?” Ren Ziling’s eyes were brightened.

Ma Houde turned his eyes, “Can you turn off your recorder? Have I allowed you to record?”

Subeditor Ren smiled awkwardly.

Ma Houde took a puff on his cigarette, “But all of them are from one cram school which opened recently. This cram school hasn’t revealed anything amiss, it has a license and experienced retired teachers.”

Ren Ziling frowned, “But isn’t it strange that the students are all from the cram school?”

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