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Chapter 342: The Way Black Souls Work


Ding Dongsheng felt upset just like the dark, cloudy sky suggested.

He sighed and fell into a trance while sitting on the stairs behind the classroom. Of course, he was not alone here.

As this was a popular place among students where they could avoid the surveillance of teachers.

Another two boys were smoking and gossiping after sneaking out of class during school time.

One of them was stunned for a moment when he saw Ding Dongsheng sitting downstairs.

“Do you know him?” the other one asked.

“Top in class,” he said with a shrug.

“A good boy should be in class, right?” the other one said derisively.

“Maybe he is in a low mood. Because a girl, who committed suicided last month was a good friend of his.”

“Oh, death of a girlfriend?”

“No wonder he is so sad. I saw the news on TV. It reported that another boy jumped from a building several days ago. His school was very near from ours.”

“Stop. Maybe we should think about where we are going after class?” The boy skipped the topic.

Ding Dongsheng left when the boys were in discussion.

He believed that Rongrong was threatened by somebody. No one knew whether he said to himself or to the boys.

He came to the back of the library instead of going to the classroom as he just wanted to find a place without disturbance.

He stopped after a trot, and then hit the tree trunk along the road.

As a senior student, Ding Dongsheng had begun class one month after summer vacation.

But only a month passed by, nobody else remembered Qiao Rongrong except him in the whole class.

He remembered everything about the girl.

“We should have been preparing for college together, but you…”

“But why did you leave me?” Ding Dongsheng looked at the dark, rainy day with his whole body leaning against the tree.

They fell in love with each other gradually when they learned, discussed and even argued.

But things changed. He wasn’t even aware when she became indifferent and alienated to him.

‘Because of that man?’

Ding Dongsheng had more than once saw her coming out from a man’s car near her house.

“I don’t want to go to college now. Forget me, we are from different worlds.”

Rongrong left the last words to him since summer holiday began. He felt that he lost everything and buried himself at home for one week. Unexpectedly, that was their last meeting.

She committed suicide later.

He would never forget Xu Zhao, the man who changed Qiao Rongrong. The police told him that Rongrong fell down from the building herself. But he was reluctant to accept it.

‘Xu Zhao was a key person in Rongrong’s death.’

“Will you get revenge?”

A husky, sharp voice was saying to him. It was more like the voice from his deep heart.

Unbeknownst to him, something inky in his shadow was moving out and changing into another indistinct reflection.

That was the voice of Black Soul No.18.

“Why can’t I hear such voices in the washroom?”

Ren Ziling was staring at Lizi despondently. Lizi was really a lucky dog. No wonder for someone who rarely played cards, she was always the final winner.

“Sister Ren, can you stop looking at me?” Lizi said.

Ren Ziling shrugged her shoulders. They were at a cafe near the cram school after class.

“According to what you said, Xu Zhao is a womanizer. Did the girls mention anything about the dead?” said by Ren Ziling.

Lizi nodded and said, “It sounded like they had accomplished something together. And judging from their conversation, maybe more students are involved in. What would it be?”

“Well…” Ren Ziling thought for a moment and then said, “Excellent. Lizi, you have helped me out this time. I need to inform Ma Houde as there might be dangerous deals behind it. The police can follow the clues and finally catch the culprit.”

“Sister Ren, it’s not li

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