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Chapter 390: Kidnapping


“What? Kidnapped?!!” In the office, Officer Lin pounded the table and jumped to his feet.

“Yes, Officer Lin, a man just reported a kidnapping case.”

Lin Feng frowned. As a replacement for Officer Ma who was out having fun, Officer Lin also had a hard time tearing himself away from the Minesweeper game. He reluctantly looked away from the computer… And seriously asked, “Where’s the person?”

The policeman answered, “Outside.”

“Mr. Zhou Zihao, right?” After reading the information, Officer Lin looked at the young man.

Overseas Chinese, graduated from a prestigious university, came back for a wedding… Well, no problem.

Fiancée was kidnapped, uh… that’s the problem!

“Mr. Zhou, would you please tell me what happened?” Officer Lin solemnly asked.

Zhou Zihao nodded and said anxiously, “In a distance, I saw my fiancée arguing with a man downstairs of her house. Then, the man pulled my fiancée into a van. I didn’t manage to catch up to them. Until now, I still can’t get in touch with her.”

“Do you remember the number plates?” Officer Lin asked.

Zhou Zihao quickly said, “I wrote it and gave it to this officer.”

Officer Lin gave a grunt and continued, “Maybe they knew each other… Oh, you are coming back for the wedding, is the man her former lover? Turning from love to hate?”

“Officer, why don’t you write love stories?” Zhou Zihao frowned, “I met my fiancée in foreign college. She lived abroad since she was a child. How ridiculous your speculation is!”

Officer Lin covered his anger with a smile, “We won’t ignore any questionable points. Please understand… You said she just came back to China, then was there anything unusual with her recently?”

“No.” Zhou Zihao shook his head.

“Have you received any message from the kidnapper?”

“No.” Zhou Zi Hao thought for a while and said, “Not yet.”

At this time, a policeman came in. “Officer Lin, the van has been found. The owner is Long Qiang, his nickname is Qiang Zi. He has criminal records. Now, he is a labor contractor and this is his photo.”

“Mr. Zhou, is he the man?” Officer Lin put the photo in front of Zhou Zihao.

Zhou Zihao said, “Yes! Officer, it’s him!”

Officer Lin slammed the table and sternly said, “Go and catch him!”

It would take more than an hour to go to the jail, which was about 100 kilometers away.

Qiang Zi was driving this woman as quickly as possible there to meet Fatty Zhang— Because if the given visiting time was missed, they must wait till evening. It would be a troublesome thing to send her back by today then!

“What have you done! What kind of work are you doing? Where’s the petrol I told you to fill up!”

“Sir, you didn’t tell me how far you’ll drive… And I didn’t know there will be no gas station all the way.”

“Didn’t I tell you I’m going to the prison?” Qiang Zi said in surprise, rubbing his head,

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