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Chapter 406: Brother Xiaosheng and Gui Qianyi


“We’re here already anyway. Let us just go in and see.”

Tai Yinzi couldn’t believe his ears upon hearing this.

Don’t look at his appearance where it seemed to be crying foul like a woman in a tragedy during a snowy June just as she was about to be beheaded, he had already imagined what would happen to him many times in his head.

For example, he may be tied up with hundreds of ways by Miss Maid, and be whipped…

This scene was so scary that Tai Yinzi changed his thoughts to something else.

For example, the master would not let him keep this afro, which was a symbol of his body and soul…

However, he never thought his master would be so easy-going.

“Master… Do you really want to go in and watch this show?” Tai Yinzi surprisingly asked.

“Anything wrong?” Luo Qiu said casually, “What’s more, I’ve never visited such a place. It’s a good chance. Maybe I will find something interesting.”

The club boss went in with hands behind his back, seemingly in good mood, and the servant girl followed him closely.

Tai Yinzi thought for a moment and quickly kept up with them. It was not smart to waste this ticket, “Master, wait for me, wait for me…”

Tai Yinzi happily went up with them.

Outside of the nightclub —by the side street.

There were many night snack stores and the flavor of strong spices could be smelled from far.

In front of a fish ball cart, people who got off work and pedestrians crowded around here— because the fish ball here was quite famous, and very cheap.

The boss here, people called him “Fish Ball Qiang” was now impatiently saying, “Oh, Brother Xiaosheng, Big Brother Xiaosheng, you already flipped my pots over! I told you I don’t have it.”

Fish Ball Qiang looked at this handsome guy in a shirt with thick sideburns and large sleeves— he was almost twenty one or twenty two years old.

This guy couldn’t be said to be very odd… just that somehow he did not seem to be of this time.

“Ha! Fish Ball Qiang, do you really think I don’t know you always put the largest fish balls at the bottom of the pot?” The young man squinted his eyes and said with Sichuan accent, “As long as there’s a bamboo stick, I can puncture your pot even it’s an iron one.”

Fish Ball Qiang didn’t think it was a joke—because this young man had really done this before.

“Ha! I finally get them!” Brother Xiaosheng proudly proclaimed with a smile— several large fish balls were on his stick at the moment.

Other customers followed him and began to find large fish balls enthusiastically. Only seeing Brother Xiaosheng flicked his fingers, several coins flew into the money box of Fish Ball Qiang. And then he proudly left.

Bitterly looking at the customers, Fish Ball Qiang reluctantly sat down on the folding stool, lighting a cigarette.

He took a glance at his money box, then looked at that strange g

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