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Chapter 469: Covering The Heavens And Earth With… Criticisms


Luo Qiu was not surprised that Ren Ziling would know he quit school. Actually, he didn’t intend to hide this from her, but she had no response after such a long time. However, he had thought of a plan earlier and was going to tell her.

“Because I want to transfer to another school.”

“Transfer?” Ren Ziling was stunned with frowning—She got the news from Zhang Qingrui—at such a late time. She was very angry. But her anger disappeared when she got the warm water prepared by Luo Qiu. “Tell me. What happened. Or I won’t let you sleep tonight.”

‘Isn’t this penalty too gentle?’

“It isn’t a big deal.” Luo Qiu answered, “I passed the exam for another school. So I want to transfer to that school.”

“Oh, I see…” Ren Ziling nodded. It was fine. Luo Qiu had a great grade in the college entrance exam, but he chose a super strange major, which was only selected by two students… Ren Ziling knew that Luo Qiu was still in that bad mood. She said nothing and let him go. Now, Luo Qiu had begun to select a new school, which was a good sign.

‘Old Luo, did you see that? Your son has started a new life one more time and he had made friends with a gentle girl.’

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Ren Ziling kept her eyes wide open, tears started to fill them. Her voice was also shaky.

Luo Qiu frowned, “Are there… any problems?”

“No, No, No.” Ren Ziling wiped her eyes, “You opened the window too widely, there was something that blew into my eyes… Oh, what is the name of the school?”

“Saint Andrews University.”

Ren Ziling blinked, “What? Where is it?”


“Oh… Scotland.” Ren Ziling nodded with a surprised look. “Wait… you mean, you will transfer to the school in UK.?”

“Yes?” Luo Qiu said, “I have received the admission letter and I will go there in April.”

Ren Ziling sunk into silence at once, and so did Luo Qiu. A while later, she took a deep breath and walked back to her room… and came out carrying some files. She placed all the files on the end table and started to sort them out, things such as the bankbook, contracts, and so on.

“What are you doing?” Luo Qiu was confused.

Ren Ziling didn’t raise her head, saying, “Be quiet. I am counting the money… the tuition for abroad university is so expensive. Let me see, the loan for the car is due. Or we can sell the car and change a new one since I won’t drive at such a high speed now. As for our house… when will you go abroad? See, I don’t need such a big house after you leave, I can get a smaller one for myself. Oh, how much is the tuition for one year there?”

She raised her head asking Luo Qiu.

“Are you not doubting me?”

“Why would you lie to me? Are you ill?”

“Rest assured, my tuition will be paid by the school. So, you don’t need to sell your car and house. If you change them, I can’t find you when I come back.”

“Get out of here!” Ren Ziling was shouting at him, “Do you know how tired I am today? I felt so sad hearing the news. I even shifted my attention to counting the money. Why did you say that to me? Why did you keep it from me? Are you going to leave me with a note in the end?”

“I have considered that.” Luo Qiu nodded.

“…Really?” Ren Ziling…Subeditor Ren paused and then smiled. Luo Qiu hadn’t changed at all. She knew him as well as if she knew herself.

Luo Qiu found that this woman was really beautiful although she was a little lazy sometimes. Especially when she smiled, it made him feel warm. They didn’t continue this topic and went back to their own rooms respectively.

In fact, Luo Qiu didn’t need to sleep but he still kept sleeping like an ordinary person. Maybe only on this bed could he fall asleep without any concerns. He had realized that his identity as a club owner might be exposed to Ren Ziling if he continued to live in this city. So he chose to leave, to protect

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