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Chapter 327: Which Deity You Are


“Which floor are you going?”

Ren Ziling decided to investigate this little girl.

The little girl was stunned for a moment, then she hurriedly brought out a folded flyer, “Which… Ah! Found it, eleventh floor, please!”

“Eleventh floor…” Ren Ziling looked at the little girl, “Do you want to enroll in the cram school?”

“Yes!” The little girl showed a very bright smile, “Sister Long recommended it to me.”

Who knew what Sister Long was… But Ren Ziling thought the little girl may not have stepped into society.

A rare girl, giving out information about herself so easily.

“Auntie, are you also going there?” The little girl suddenly asked with her head tilted.

What!… Auntie?

Ren Ziling approached the little girl silently, making the girl unconsciously stepped back— Until her body completely attached to the lift.

“What’s, what’s the matter?” The little girl was a little flurried.

The spell which Sister Long cast would not make her easily recognized by other people so she could do everything safely outside.

“Look at me, yes! Look at my face.” Ren Ziling squinted, “Well. That’s right. Tell me, do I look at an ‘Auntie’?”

“Wrinkle, wrinkles… Dark circles and pimples.” The little girl who was protecting her whole milk with one hand, saying in a cold sweat and swallowing saliva.

Ren Ziling stepped back as if being shocked; she turned about, fishing out a mirror and gazed at herself carefully.

My God! She didn’t have a regular schedule these days when Luo Qiu went abroad— Working overtime and eating instant noodles. Though she knew she had dark circles, but when did the wrinkles come out? Damn… even pimples!

‘But why could the little girl clearly see these? I didn’t notice them before I go out… Just two shallow…’

“Ah… Elder sister, are you Ok?” The little girl felt strange and asked.

“Nothing, I’m just… feeling a little sad.” Ren Ziling looked at the lift lights, as if looking at the lonely world on the peak.

“Guo Siniang?” The little girl was surprised and innocently blurted out, “Sister Long has said, who have read the book of Guo Siniang are old.”

“I don’t want to see you again!”

When the lift opened, Ren Ziling rushed out and left with grief.

But soon Ren Ziling saw the little girl again— At the reception of the cram school.

“Please fill in this form first. This is yours…” The receptionist gave the form to the little girl, and then looked at Ren Ziling, “Miss, are you also coming to register?”

“Yes, any problem?” Subeditor Ren coldly said, and then she glanced at the little girl nearby.

The little girl felt the murderous look, so she lowered her head, and wondered if this Auntie had recognized her identity.

“No, no.” The receptionist was stunned and then politely said, “No problem, we also have a special class for the adult’s College Entrance Exam.”

“Can I kn

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