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Chapter 343: Bronze Sheet and People in the Rain


Clouds had stayed a whole day in the sky, and it had started raining since 9 o’clock in the evening.

A moderate rain.

Luo Qiu opened the door of the club. When it rained, there were very few pedestrians on the road and it would naturally become deserted. This was a good time to look at the city.

And it was a convenient time for him to go home.

He planned to walk home due to the moderate rain—but Boss Luo soon perished the thought.

A 17-year-old boy was standing outside the club, in the rain.

The rain washed away the noise of the street, but couldn’t wipe the smell of a black soul on that boy. Luo Qiu could clearly distinguish the origin of the smell.

He knew that it was from Black Soul No.18.

‘Such a hard-working envoy.’ Luo Qiu thought.

Luo Qiu stepped back into the club hall, because he realized the boy would come in… after seeing the club gate.

“Prepare a cup of ginger tea.”

Luo Qiu ordered Miss Maid gently.

“… when I was in class that day, I wrote some words on an eraser and intended to pass it on to her, but I accidentally dropped it on the ground. The teacher carelessly stepped on it with her high-heeled shoes and almost fell. Both she and I knew what was going on and laughed in secret.”

He was telling his story with the girl, like it happened yesterday.

Ding Dongsheng and Qiao Rongrong.

A cup of hot ginger tea did not seem to disperse the coldness of the rain but the memory could bring him warmth.

Luo Qiu was used to listening to others’ stories.

He even forgot about the time for going home, as the guest needed a good audience.

Every single trifle could give Ding Dongsheng an aftertaste… Only until he finished pouring out all his memories, did he fall into silence.

“Anymore?” Ding Dongsheng grasped his hair and closed eyes tightly, “There should be… let me think, there really should be!”


His hands slammed on the table at the same time, and look turned bleak and desolate. “There should be lots of memories! We should have had a lot of memories! It was all that man’s fault! Rongrong left me and the world because of his appearance! I want this man to feel the consequences of his evil! He needs to pay for what he has done! I don’t want him to live well!!”

He gazed at the club boss.

Ding Dongsheng wasn’t afraid of anything… He wouldn’t be afraid because hatred clouded his eyes and anger hid his sensibility.

“You know you cannot change your decision after it has been spoken,” Luo Qiu said indifferently, “So you must think about it thoroughly before raising your request.”

“Do you think its necessary?” Ding Dongsheng asked back.

Luo Qiu said after a moment of silence, “As far as I know, the police in this city have already begun to investigate the cram school. Xu Zhao, who you hate, eventually will not be able to escape from the law. In other words, the punishment you want will happen sooner or later. Customer, are you sure you want to make such a request?”

“I can’t wait.” Ding Dongsheng said in a low voice, “Do you know how much time the police need to investigate? One month? Two months? Or half a year? But I can’t wait for even one day!! I cannot do anything to him! Furthermore, even if he’s caught, the punishment will just be staying in jail! But my Rongrong is gone! I can’t forgive him at all!”

Luo Qiu looked directly at this Ding Dongsheng’s eyes. He seemed to be seen through but didn’t avoid the gaze.

“I understand.” Luo Qiu nodded, “But Customer, what will you pay for it?”

Ding Dongsheng deeply breathed, and fished out a box from his clothes.

It was a palm-sized box.

At the moment the box opened, a sheet of bronze was presented in front of Luo Qiu, Ding Dongsheng said, “This is something passed down from my family and is very valuable! Is it enough?”

The words on it looked gl

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