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Chapter 359: The Soul Would Die


“The mistake should not continue.” Gu Jiajie said to himself.

The hospital became quiet. After Ma Houde left, he himself sat at the deserted corridor for a long time.

When he returned to the ward, he found that his grandma had fallen asleep.

All of his childhood memory about her was blurred…

Gu Jiajie sighed and put his grandma’s hand in the quilt, wondering if she was having a good dream.

Then he shook his head… Suddenly, he decided to tidy up his brother’s reminding items. Actually, there weren’t much, just some simple bags.

It was just that he wasn’t willing to look at them.

Perhaps it was because he had came clean tonight…

But actually he didn’t know how to handle these things himself…

In the luggage of his brother in the cabinet of the sickroom, there were just some clothes and daily necessities.

“It smells, how long has it not been washed?” Gu Jiajie shook his head and poured everything out.

Then he found a folded square paper— a letter.

—If I were taken away that time, would our fates be different?

Reading this, Gu Jiajie knew this letter was written to him.

“Brother…” He muttered and helplessly sat down on the floor.

Though the machines were noisy, the voice was clear since the trio were very close.

“Jiajie!” Shen Meihuan hurriedly walked to him with eagerness as if nobody else was here.

She didn’t want to know why the club boss was here. What she only cared about now was that she finally found her son.

She closely held him and gently patted his back— even if he was decaying.

“Did I… ruin your plan?” Miss Black Water asked cautiously.

She seemed to salvage some pride. Pride which she left behind when she fled from this boss frantically.

“Ruin?” Luo Qiu shook his head, “Why does Miss Black Water say that?”

She sneered, “Didn’t I? Then what do you mean by following him and ensuring he isn’t found?”

“You are not wrong.” Luo Qiu nodded, “I did do that.”

“As expected.” Miss Black Water snorted.

Hearing the talking, Shen Meihuan suddenly turned around and stared at Luo Qiu—because she thought of the mysterious man with a mask.

And she was sure this man who was just a little older than her son was the boss of the club.

“What…what do you want to do to my son? Our deal is over.” Shen Meihuan protected her son in front and sternly said, “You can take away everything you want, but except my son!”

“Dear customer, I won’t do anything to Gu Jiajie.” Luo Qiu shook his head, “Because he’s… not here.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Shen Meihuan looked back and firmly said, “He is here! Can’t you see?”

She held her son’s one hand, “Here! I took him here before!”

But at this moment, Shen Meigyan’s hand was slapped away.

She was shocked and said in a flurry, “Jiajie, what’s wrong with you? I’m your mum… Jiajie, don’t you remember me?”


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