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Chapter 391: Unexpected Consequences


“Boss, what should we do next?”

One of the workers asked in a Sichuan accent.

“I don’t know!” Qiang Zi scratched his head and commanded. “You, you, you, and you, go search the surroundings.”

These workers started searching, leaving Qiang Zi sitting there alone… Anyhow, he was their head. He wouldn’t degrade himself by working with them.

“Sh*t, what f*cking place is this… I am dying of thirst.”

Suddenly, Qiang Zi heard something vibrating… He found a cell phone under the seat of the van.

The screen showed the caller was “Zihao”.

“Maybe that woman dropped it here?” Long Qiang answered the phone.

“Xiaman! Xiaman! Is this Xiaman on the phone?”

“Wait, this is not Xiaman.” Long Qiang dug his nose, “Who is that?”

“Who…is that?” Zhou Zihao sounded hurriedly. “Don’t hurt Xiaman, I can give everything you want! Or I will make you regret.”

“What are you talking about?” Qiang Zi was stunned. “She was the one that injured me. Sh*t, are you her boyfriend?”

“Yes.” Zhou Zihao got serious, “Deal with me directly, don’t bully her.”

“Who do you think you are!” Qiang Zi got angry, too. “F*ck, if you don’t pay for my medical expenses… I will bite her ears off!”

“Okay, okay! Easy there. You can name a price!” Zhou Zihao was terrified.

“Hold on…” Qiang Zi’s phone rang at that time.

He muted Tao Xiaman’s phone and answered his own, “Hello, Wu Tiaozi, why haven’t you send the gas to me?”

“Head, Boss Wang needs us to load some cement urgently, can you wait for a moment, please?”


“No choice. The construction crew is urging is to hurry. You know that!”

“Fine, I will think of another idea!” Qiang Zi frowned and hung up the phone unhappily. And he continued the other phone, “Hello, still there?”

“I am here!”

“All right!” Qiang Zi continued, “You send a barrel of gas to… the road to Zhaoyun Prison. And then you can see me on the way!”

“Fine. When?” Zhou Zihao asked immediately.

Qiang Zi looked at the rear view mirror while pulling his nose hair. “Of course now. Send it now. If you can’t arrive before evening, I will… make you regret it!”

“Okay. I will. But how much… do you want?”

“Are you an idiot? I said a barrel of gas. It must be filled up!”

“But… I mean the compensation money…”

“Oh, I almost forget it.” Qiang Zi rubbed his ears and said, “Maybe thousands or hundreds RMB?”

“What… is the specific price?”

“Eight hundred. Lucky number!” Qiang Zi ended up the conversation, “Alright! You act quickly! I can’t wait for you very long.”

He hung up!

Long Qiang whispered to himself after the call, “Is eight hundred RMB too little? Fine, let me have a nap first…”

Zhou Zihao held the phone tightly and rushed into Officer Lin’s office.

“Mr. Zhou. Take it easy. We will inform you once we find Long Qiang’s house.”

“No, I was contacted by the kidnapper via phone just now!”

“Continue!” Officer Lin got serious.

Zhou Zihao nodded and added, “Sir, they were on the way to Zhaoyun Prison and they requested eight million in a gasoline barrel.”

“A road deal? Eight million?” Officer Lin was stunned, “What are they thinking about? It’s silly to run away with money from the highway.”

“Sir, the key is my fiancee’s safety, okay?” Zhou Zihao continued, “That guy also said he would bite her ears off if no money is provided!”

“Bite?” Lin Feng nodded, “Er…It seems he is pretty violent… And did he know you called the police?”

“I think… not.” Zhou Zihao recalled, “He didn’t mention about this.”

“Mr. Zhou, did he command you to send the money?”

“Yes, he asked me to send it directly.”

Lin Feng wandered into the office. “Don’t worry, he must be well prepared. Let’s calm down and make a perfect plan.”

Zhou Zihao frowned, “I need to go to the bank first.”

“Mr. Zhou, we suggest you’d better not. This will ma

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