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Chapter 502: No Right Or Wrong


Li Zifeng was carried to the interrogation room by the bodyguards.

Seeing the despairing Li Zifeng, Cheng Yiran stayed silent and thought about his words, which made him not dare to face Hong Guan. The words meant a lot to him. Cheng Yun told him that Hong Guan was upstairs, but he still had no courage to meet Hong Guan.

“Don’t you want to see him now?” Zhong Luochen asked.

“Not now…” Cheng Yiran shook his head. He felt the car accident was terrible—everything had gone in a bad direction ever since.

“Fine, do as you like.” Zhong Luochen let it go, “You can transfer to another hospital. I will let Cheng Yun keep it from Hong Guan.”

Cheng Yiran appreciated the kind boss—although he knew that the boss cared more about the magical club behind him.

But people were complex. Such as Li Zifeng, himself. As for Zhong Luochen… No one could behave like as calmly as Zhong Luochen did. “Was it true that Hong Guan came to see me when I was in a coma?” Cheng Yiran asked.

Zhong Luochen told him, “He was not going to break the contract he signed with Li Zifeng. He ensured that we wouldn’t tell you he had been here. But now, there is no need to hide this.”

Cheng Yiran was thinking with his head lowered.

Zhong Luochen narrowed his eyes, “However, I found that Hong Guan can also play this magical guitar.”

Cheng Yiran raised his head, “Are you sure?”

Zhong Luochen nodded, “The guitar had a magical power in close range, but I am not sure if it will work or not if the distance gets longer. Do you want to know why he can also play the guitar?”

“Just leave me… alone.”

“Don’t take too long.”

Ghost Baby knocked on the door of the pet clinic while saying, “Master Long, I have given the miscarriage prevention herbs to Shu Xiaoshu following your instructions. Now she has fallen asleep.”

Long Xiruo was in a black suit, which looked very professional. She looked at Cheese. Cheese had woken up just now and had the serious Xiaojiang and Gui Qianyi together with him… “Cheese, I hope you can tell me where your pet came from.”

Cheese realized Iron Whistle was a hazard when he heard from the Ghost Baby that the monster died immediately because of Iron Whistle’s poison.

“I… I don’t know. “Cheese shook his head, “I met Iron Whistle by accident. But… but it’s always docile. There must be something unusual driving it crazy.”

“I don’t care about the reason why it is out of control.” Long Xiruo shook head, “I care more about the danger. It poisoned a three-hundred-year-old strong monster with just a needle… and from the bones found underground, it is quite dangerous to both human and monsters… it will eat us, can you understand?”

“I…” Cheese lowered his head. He knew that Long Xiruo was right… but he also knew that Iron While would die if Long Xiruo found it. Even he could feel that— Ghost Baby had the intention to

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