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Chapter 518: Pull


A human wave was being done in the spectator seats—this singer had the skill of holding the atmosphere of the scene. It must be because of his experience through dozens of large-scale concerts.

It should be able to motivate audience’s passion… but someone showed a bitter expression.

The girl noticed his look… since she woke up at the hospital, he was the only thing she saw.

He was fat, clumsy, even cowardly, but sometimes he was brave.

“What’s wrong , Zhuge? Do you feel uncomfortable?” The girl asked.

“I think… I may have eaten too much or something.” Zhuge covered his belly, saying with cold sweat on his forehead, “Stomachache…”

“Ah… should we go back?” The girl had been looking forward to watching the program, but the man was the most important.

But Zhuge stood up and said, “No, you wanted to watch it… I’ll be alright after going to the washroom. Wait for me here, I’ll be back soon!”

Zhuge squeezed out of the crowd… but without him, the girl would not be so excited watching it.

“Washroom, washroom… where’s the washroom?” Zhuge covered his belly, running through corridors of the gym awkwardly… he felt he could not bear it any longer.

“Excuse me… bro, where’s the washroom?” as if grabbing a life-saving straw, he met a person.

It was a young guy, maybe a high school student. He was short but his eyes were bright.

“Right over there.” He pointed the direction, “Turn right and go along, then turn left and you’ll see it.”

“Thank you…” Zhuge showed his appreciation and ran towards that direction.

The student scratched his head and whispered, “He should be able to bear it until he arrives, right?”

He shook his head. At this moment, his cellphone rang. He smiled, looking at the view outside while talking, “Hey, class monitor, what’s the matter?”

“Mo Xiaofei, how’s everything going?” The class monitor… the girl asked softly.

The student smiled, “It’s alright, but I don’t know how the situation will turn out after it ends. I feel it will be bad, it’s overcrowded.”

The girl said with an apology, “Sorry, Mo Xiaofei, if it wasn’t because we lack people, I didn’t want to drag you here… I know you should go look after your dad.”

The student replied, “Don’t worry. I told to my dad that I came to be a volunteer to help do the cleaning and he looked happy.”

“No matter what, I appreciate that and acknowledge your help… Ah, we’ll talk later, I have to ask about the other’s situation.” The girl hung up.

The high school student… Mo Xiaofei gazed at the phone screen blankly; he wanted to talk more to the girl.

He watched outside, murmuring to himself, “Why are you thanking me, it’s what I should do… because I’m atoning for my crimes.”

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, breathing while patting his face to cheer himself up. But he suddenly saw a running figure.

“Is he… Officer Ma?”

Mo Xiaofei frowned. It h

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