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Chapter 296: Balance 1st


“Have the terrorists of Chechnya been here?”

Vicar felt a chilling fear since he entered into the manor.

“Are you scared of those dead bodies on the road?”

But Vera did not seemed to be afraid at all… Even though Vicar knew this woman was not a real human being, he couldn’t help saying, “Miss Vera! You saw the situation here, let’s go back!”

But Vera frowned at this moment.

She sniffed the air with her nose, “This smell is disgusting.”

Vicar looked at this corpse on the ground, and subconsciously nodded, “Yes, I hate the bloody smell too… Wait, where are you going? ”

But he could only hear a word from Vera, “I mean the smell of a wolf.”

“Wolf?” Vicar was surprised, and suddenly he thought of something with his face changed.

However, Anna didn’t have to give him the answer. Because a figure abruptly broke the wall and rose in front of Vera and Vicar!

It was a werewolf, which was full of hair around its body, hands and feet bend over on the ground, with its head up, and grinning teeth.

“What’s this?”

However, another huge figure, like small-sized ‘Hulk’, walked out slowly from the broken wall at this time.

“Is there someone still in the way?!”

The ‘giant’ suddenly asked in a hoarse voice…it was like a roar from a prisoner in rage.

Obviously… This ‘giant’ also saw Vicar and Vera.

“Vicar, you hide first.”

Vera calmly said that and her eye color gradually changed.

“Where are you going to take us to?”

Urey said nothing all the way, which made Efim lost his patience, “One minute! If I can’t find him in one minute, I’ll then send you go to hell!”

“We arrived.”

Urey slightly turned his head that full of sweat. He could slightly see Efim and that man with terrible fighting ability at the corner of his eye, “It’s the room in front. The manor has a secret passage for escaping.”

Tianbai nodded and directly ordered, “Open the door.”

Urey nodded, slowly opening the door of this room—It was a study.

“Where’s the escape way?” Efim asked at this moment.

Urey pointed to the desk in the study, “The switch is on this table… Do you see the lamp? Move it, you’ll see the button. The way is behind the bookcase.”

Efim squinted his eyes, and suddenly said, “Good, now you go and move the lamp away!”

Seeing Urey hesitated, Efim pistol pointed to on the back of Urey’s head, deeply saying, “Go ahead!”

Urey had to only raise his hands, and slowly walked toward the desk step by step. When he came to the desk, he turned around and looked at Efim and Tianzui with cold sweat falling from his hair to his neck.

He swallowed saliva.

“Hurry up!” Tianbai yelled, and loaded the Benelli M1 on his hand, which gave an extremely loud sound.

Right then!

Urey suddenly crouched down to hide himself under the desk; he opened a drawer of this desk— and took out a pistol there.

In fact, there were weapons hidden in many dark corners of the manor. But the fake heir would never know all the positions.

Except this one, which had been found long since!

Urey held the pistol, and panted heavily. He tried to calm himself down.

“You lied to me?!”

Footsteps were getting close to him!


Urey suddenly cried and rushed out, while triggering the pistol with his fingers.

Bang bang… Bang, bang!

Anna, who had unknowingly overtaken Luo Qiu and You Ye, swiftly ran forward but soon stopped.

Because she found she had overtaken the club boss and the maid— her protectors that she didn’t want to recognize.

“Can’t you go faster?”

“Miss Anna.” Luo Qiu calmly said, “Are you sure you want the next product? Mr. Urey only has less than one month’s life… Are you sure you’ll pay part of your soul as the transaction fee, for helping him get through the crisis?”

“Don’t you want me to get my soul sooner?” Anna sneered.

Luo Q

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