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Chapter 312: Silent Night 6th


Finally, Len found Allie in the crowd.

She was holding a small bottle of beer and had been leaning against the handrail for some time. Len felt he should get close to her… but he hesitated, stopping his steps.

Because he witnessed Gloria approaching her from the opposite side… with a light pace and a radiant and enchanting smile.

What would they say? But on such an occasion…he couldn’t hear anything due to the loud music; however, seeing Gloria intimately clutch Allie’s hands, they should be talking about something happy.


Gloria clutched Allie’s hands affectionately, leaning against the railings arm in arm together.

“What’s the matter? You look so happy.” Allie asked while pretending she didn’t know nothing.

“I got together with Branham just now!” Gloria smiled and blinked. “Branham is so sexy. Oh my god, my heart is still beating fast.”

“Did you… Congratulations!” Allie nodded.

Gloria now grabbed Allie’s hands, saying softly, “You will bless us right? We are good friends!”

At that moment, Allie wanted to pull back her hand… How many times had she wanted to do so?

Exactly like the moment when she grabbed her hands, saying, “We are good friends!”

In her childhood, she shared more than half of the cookie her mother made.

“Let’s go shopping together!”

“Oh … OK.”

But there was still lots of homework for her to do.

“Oh… I’ve run out of my pocket money, Allie…”

“Well… I have some for you, and you can give it back to me next month.”

But there were still some things she wanted to buy; so, did she have to wait for next month?

“Well, this dress looks good! I like it… Great! It fits you very well, do you like it? I can buy it for you!”

“Yeah…it’s pretty good.”

‘I don’t like this one… but the one you are holding.’

“Yeah… bless you two.”

‘Actually… I like him too.’.

Finally, Gloria saw Allie halting her steps; so she hurried to grab her arms, “Allie, did you come up with a solution?”

In her opinion, Allie was an brave girl who knew what she wanted all the time.

She was thankful that she had a good friend like Allie for some many years.

Alice nodded, and suddenly looked at her in a serious face, “Gloria, do you really want to rescue Branham?”

Glolia nodded.

“Well, first of all, we have to confirm the situation inside… Let’s take a look! If it’s dangerous, we can only escape, understand?”

Gloria hesitated… ‘What’s the situation inside? There’s no sound… Did they… Have Branham and Len been murdered?’

But she was still eager to know…just took one glance.

The door was slightly opened, Gloria and Allie closed to the door gap, gazing at the situation nervously.

Suddenly, Gloria covered her mouth with an ice cold hand; as if all her energy had been extracted.

In the room, that huge suitcase, was now devouring Len’s arm little by little; and Branham was silently lying next to it.

And Len, whose arms had been swallowed in the suitcase, did not move either!

Gloria both hands covered her mouth tightly… but she felt a lack of oxygen.

Gloria quivered and leaned back against the wall. She felt both of her legs were too heavy to move.

“What should we do… What should we do… Allie, Allie… I, I don’t wanna die…”

She grabbed Allie’s arms, as if firmly grasping a life-saving straw; her face turned pale with lips trembled, “I can’t move…Allie… You won’t leave me here alone right? You won’t leave me here alone right? We’re good friends!”

“Branham and Len…are dead.” Allie lowered her head now.

Allie’s face suddenly turned blurry in Gloria’s eyes, who was scared and almost cried after the horrible matter had been mentioned, “I know, I saw that… stop talking… it’s extremely horrible.”

“Why did we meet this kind of thing?” Allie said sorrowfully.

Allie… Allie…Are you OK?”

“It’s all your

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