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Chapter 392: Time for Poetry


“I cast my gaze toward the moon, yet the moon shines on the gutter… Oh God.”

With such heartfelt words, obviously it wouldn’t be Fatty Zhang or the rest who would recite it. Tai Yinzi stood at the iron window and lovingly recited the poem.

“Hi… Brother Zhou, what’s the master doing?” Fatty Zhang lightly patted Zhou Xiaokun’s shoulder and curiously asked.

“He’s reciting a poem.” Zhou Xiaokun also softly followed, “I cast my gaze toward the moon, yet the moon shines on the gutter. What a pity!”

“I know it’s a poem, but what does it really mean?”

Zhou Xiaokun shrugged, “I like you, but you don’t like me. Plus his wife died, so… maybe he is thinking of his daughter.”

“Well! Why doesn’t he speak frankly!”

Fatty Zhang rolled his eyes at Zhou Xiaokun. Then he put on a pleasing smile and approached Tai Yinzi, “Master!”

“Don’t call me master. I cannot accept any disciples unless my master agrees!”

“Master Feng.” Fatty Zhang went on, “Actually, you don’t have to mourn, happy things are going to happen.”

“What?” Tai Yinzi turned around and looked at him in surprise.

Fatty Zhang blinked his eyes, “Master Feng, did you forget what the date is today?”

“Today? Anything special?”

“Yes, today is special!” Fatty Zhang cheerfully said, “Believe me, Master Feng, I’ve arranged it well!”

Was this person the type that Boss Luo would call…. retarded?

Tai Yinzi frowned, “What the hell? Arranged what?”

“Hey! You’ll see. Please wait!”

Fatty Zhang laughed, patting his chest, “Don’t thank me. That’s my duty. I’m loyal to you! Of course, if you really want to thank me, it is not like there isn’t anything you can do. I am not good at anything, but I am a man that treats brotherhood very seriously.”

Slapping his chest hard, Fatty Zhang said, “Those of us that walk the in the underworld place the greatest value on brotherhood. Furthermore, you are our future master. Your matters are my matters!”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Hey, surprise! Please wait!” Fatty Zhang patted the shoulder of Tai Yinzi, “The guard will call for you!”

What a ridiculous guy!

Tai Yinzi reluctantly shook his head and recited the poem again, thinking of the time he could get out of this jail— The concert of “Germanic Chariot” was nearing…

A sense of foreboding suddenly gave Tai Yinzi a shiver.

Long Qiang had been stuck in this desolate road for several hours. He shook his head and muttered, “Sh*t!”. Then he saw his men come back.

“Where is she?” Long Qiang asked.

“Sir, we can’t find her! She must be hiding!”

“Sh*t! What am I supposed to tell her fiancé!” Long Qiang brushed his hair with frustration.

“What do you mean?”

Long Qiang explained, “This is her phone. I answered a call from her fiancé. And I asked him to send some petrol over.”

“Did he agree?”

“Yes.” Long Qiang shrugged, “And

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