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Chapter 487: Dormancy…


Ren Ziling reviewed the program dozens of times in the video room. Today was Wednesday…There were four days left for the next program. It was said that the program was going to rise a few levels, which was why the Beautiful Lotus Gymnasium was being renovated day and night. But…

“I might have seen the wrong show that night.” Today was Wednesday. From Monday until now, Ren Ziling drew a conclusion like this since she was really inflexible about it. It was as if her soul was absorbed into that show… but Ren Ziling believed that her feelings were real.

It was so strange… “Lizi, can you stop eating the chips?”

“Sister Ren, I can recite the content of the program already. I will fall asleep if I don’t eat something…” Lizi sighed. If she Ren ZIling would attach so much importance to this, she would have broken the bewitchment earlier… but she couldn’t help stopping Ren Ziling yesterday. However, the bewitching power was not very strong… she wondered how that new singer star achieved it.

Ren Ziling sighed, “Nothing found today. We can only wait for the next show four days later. Then we will know if he revealed his true self.”

Lizi said nothing… Normal people couldn’t understand this and she didn’t intend to take part in it. Last time, she almost lost her life due to nosiness. So this time, she wouldn’t do anything except ensure Ren Ziling acted normally.

At this time, Ren Ziling’s phone rang. She rubbed her eyebrow while yawning, “Hello, Old Ma, what’s wrong? Would you like to give me the tip-off?”

Ma Houde was stunned, “Let it pass, do you have any info about that headless body?”

“Headless..” Ren Ziling was shocked and then patted her forehead, “F*ck, I forgot about it…”

“…Oh, my god. You are not going to find the clues? Are you the real Ren Ziling?” No one would understand how confused Ma Houde was.

“Any questions? Is it troublesome?” Ren Ziling wanted to shift her focus from the singing program to the murder case. She asked, “Why are you so worried?”

“Nothing found. I am just going to ask if you have any clues about it.” He didn’t plan to tell Ren Ziling about the case in the gym… Now that Ren Ziling didn’t know it, the backer behind the construction had sealed all the news about the incident. That meant the backer had enormous power to seal news from the TV studio and formal newspapers. Ma Houde chose to keep it from Ren Ziling.

“Oh…” Ren Ziling nodded, “I will try to search for some info… don’t hang up! You need to clarify the tip-offs first… what is the sound there? Is there someone forging iron? Are you in the factory? Hello? Hello?”

Lizi was looking at Ren Ziling curiously. Ren Ziling threw the phone to the table with a shrug, “We didn’t go out to investigate for three consecutive days. Let’s go now?”

“Where are we going?”

Ren Ziling thought for a while, “Let’s go to the… wedding dress store!”

Lizi was

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