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Chapter 297: Balance 2nd


It seems to have stopped?

Or not?

Urey himself didn’t know that. He just subconsciously walked into the studio— where he painted the second ‘The Nameless Maiden’.

In fact, he spent lots of time here before the second auction started.

Urey grabbed a bottle of wine which he didn’t know the name. After biting the oak cork open, he quickly and fiercely drank the wine.

He sat on the chair where he was taken away by Edgar about thirty or forty minutes ago.

And now, Efim and the man with the helmet were dead… and many people in this manor had probably died.

Urey slowly closed his eyes while the shooting scenes that happened a few minutes ago flashed in his mind.

“You dare to lie?!”

Efim snorted. Even he had thought this guy would play tricks, but Efim would prefer if Urey could find the heir of the Typica Family who destroyed his life.

“You are dead meat.” Efim groaned.

Tianzui spoke nothing; Comparing with Efim, he preferred to clean up the obstacle and send away Efim quickly, who looked like a human-shaped wild boar, so that he could finish the task.

The loaded Benelli M1 was directly aimed at the desk. The bullet could easily go through the desk and even the human hiding behind it.

Killing was a very regular occurrence to him. He was hungry to kill someone.

He pulled the trigger; however, Urey roared and rushed out towards him from the back of the desk.

He was courageous.

But even so, Tianzui thought his behavior wouldn’t change the end of him, who would be riddled with bullets.

Ah, it was really a boring ‘delivery’ task.

Tianzui thought a lot of things in an instant. However, suddenly, an unknown fear filled up his whole body. He didn’t know where this fear came from… he only knew his body had turned completely stiff at that moment, no matter his eyes and fingers.

Only his thoughts were still running fast.


His body still couldn’t move—Nevertheless, he could clearly see Urey aiming towards his head with the pistol.

He felt pain that he had never experienced before. At this moment, Tianzui’s brains were blown out.

Every movement seemed to slow down. The moment Tianzui’s body directly fell backward to the ground, one could easily see his body rebounding slightly.

And it raised up the dust hidden in the study’s carpet.

Bang bang… Bang!

The gunshots were the last sound he heard in the world.

He didn’t know why he couldn’t move; but he just knew the decorative lighting on the study’s ceiling looked beautiful.

Tianzui… was dead.

What about Efim?

Efim opened his eyes wide and unconsciously covered up his stomach; nevertheless, it couldn’t stop bleeding.

Suddenly his body twitched; he tried to seek for something to hold up his body, but he couldn’t find anything, so he fell down.

A bullet had entered his chest.

Efim opened his eyes wide… It was a terrible look.

In fact, he could see nothing, but he could sense that somebody was beside him.

Efim suddenly grabbed and tightly pulled Urey’s clothes with his blood palms.

Both of them glared at each other, the heavy atmosphere was like an explosive, which was about to be ignited.

“You… You won’t have a good end… My end…” Efim said as blood flowed from his mouth, “will be your fate… I curse you!”

“I curse you.”

Urey suddenly opened his eyes; before Efim died, his eyes seemed like to stare at him who was just 10 centimeters away.

“Both are dead…”

He held his forehead with his hands; suddenly, he laughed low and deep, which turned into crying gradually.

“My end will be your fate.”

In fact, this sentence had already come true…Urey knew he would close his eyes forever soon.

He suddenly remembered the days he spent in this city.

If he really was talented… Then, it may be the cause for all of these.

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