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s to success… Was Anna abominable?… But if it wasn’t for him seeking an opportunity, he would probably not promise to draw the counterfeit painting.

Blame himself?

Was he wrong? Would he be famous if he worked hard as a street painter?

But now his enemies were all dead, and there wasn’t much time left in his life— What could he do for the rest of the time? Enjoying the rich life crazily before he dies? Then how painful would life be before death? How painful would it be to count the remaining lifespan?

All of a sudden.

Urey held up the pistol without spirit.

He knew there was still a bullet inside.

From his eyes, he looked like a patient with Alzheimer disease.

Urey slowly opened his mouth and put the gun in.

He finally closed his eyes and then pulled the trigger… He chose to kill himself.


It was over.

It was over.

But he was still able to open his eyes without the pain in his imagination… He could still see everything around him so clearly.

Urey subconsciously turned his head. He felt a palm on his face from nowhere— it was the club boss’s.

“This 6-chamber gun really has good power.”

Then a bullet slowly dropped down from Boss Luo’s palm. Urey looked at it, showing a slight hint of anger.

“Why did you stop me? Won’t you be happy to take away my soul before the appointed time?”

“Both of us won’t know what will happen in the future.”


Urey showed a blank look.

Luo Qiu then gently snapped his fingers, which made Urey close his eyes and directly fall on the ground… Meanwhile, Anna slowly walked out from Luo Qiu’s back.

She crouched down and touch Urey’s face.

“It shows that Miss Anna really loves Mr. Urey for making such a request.” Luo Qiu lightly said.

But Anna looked up and shook her head, “Do you know what love is?”

Luo Qiu gave a start, because nobody ever asked him such a question except her.

He directly shook his head.

“Really.” Anna smiled, “But I think I should not love this man… I just feel that, no matter what, I owe him something.”

Anna took a deep breath, “Isn’t it funny? I knew his love for me before everything happened… I thought I could love him, by compensating or replying him; but later I understood that’s not love, and I should not be loved… I just feel guilty.”

She got up, “I’m going to do something to make up for him. Efim’s death can comfort him, even if the way he died was out of my expectations.”

Anna shook her head, “Did you know that I had lots of opportunities to kill Efim.”

She showed a very glamorous smile, “After all, it’s clear that this guy was very obsessed with my body… But I didn’t want to kill him. If he died, there will be another person coming up to control the mining lot. If we don’t dig out the dirty deals between the authorities and the mining lot, there will be countless Efims on their ways there. Anyway, since Efim died, then I should die… let’s finish this issue then… He…”

Anna looked at Urey on the ground and said, “He’s only a poor man who was involved. He could actually pursue his dreams. And I believe that he’d be famous after some time, and even be a very good painter.”

“You can also choose to achieve your original goal,” Boss Luo suddenly said.

Anna chuckled because she just felt ridiculous, “You are really a freak, who often gives me choices that are good and should not be refused. It seems you’re willing to see me to make choices that are beneficial to myself.”

Luo Qiu indifferently answered, “Because we are on the side of the customer.”

“Then you’re an unqualified boss.” Anna shook her head, “Some people prefer to help others at their own expense.”

“I see.” Luo Qiu nodded with his hands slightly opened, then an old sheepskin roll suddenly appeared, floating to Anna and unfolding.

“Miss Anna could sign it if you agree with all the clauses in the contract.”

Anna gently pressed her palm on the contract.

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