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and said, “Should be a little girl. In the last two months, she has bought lots of buns almost every two days.”

The son shrugged, “But she speaks little. Every time, she justs pays the money and goes away. Oh, she left, but seems to be in a hurry this time.”

Yes, the little girl paid the money and left in a hurry with her head lowered. No one knew what she looked like.

“Boss, I’ll come back to get the buns.” Luo Qiu suddenly stood up and said.

“Oh, OK!”

In an alley of the old town, the little girl who carried a big bag of buns now hid in the corner and cautiously looked back.

She was relieved, so she pat her chest and turn around. Then she took down her mask to smell the buns, smiling faintly.

“Smells good?”

“Yes!” The little girl answered without thinking, but soon she thought… ‘Who asked this question’?

She suddenly turned over again and saw a mysterious man. She was so frightened that she couldn’t help giving a soft cry.

“Do I look that scary?” Luo Qiu looked at the little girl— The butterfly monster, Luo Dance.

“No, no.” The butterfly monster lowered her head, not daring to look at Boss Luo.

Luo Qiu laughed, “When did you change your food? You never ate buns before.”

Luo Dance looked up, and blinked her eyes, “Not my food, it is for Little Black and the others.”

“Little Black?”


The so-called “Little Black and others” were a group of stray cats.

In an abandoned old house of this old town, the butterfly monster crouched down on the ground, breaking the buns and feed the homeless cats.

Luo Qiu suddenly felt comfortable when he saw the butterfly’s smile as the cat licked her finger.

“Give me a bun.” He crouched down and softly said.

They two fed the cats together.

Boss Luo felt it was interesting that last time she was the one he fed, and this time, cats were the one fed.

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