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Chapter 472: First, Choose to Transfer Anger and Blame to Others


When Cheng Yun estimated the time and returned, he found Zhong Luochen and Cheng Yiran were in the living room.

Neither of them talked. Zhong Luochen was taking a rest with eyes closed, while Cheng Yiran was touching his guitar but not playing it.

Cheng Yun didn’t find any expression on their faces, which made it hard for him to judge what happened when he left, whether a good conversation happened or something unpleasant occurred.

But he was a man filled with life experience and quickly found a scheme to deal with it.

Putting it simply, he planned to use good news to test them.

“Mr. Zhong, some new from the TV stations. A few other singers announced their support for our Yiran, so the disturbance of the Internet has been suppressed.”

Zhong Luochen opened his eyes, “Cheng Yun, go pack Cheng Yiran’s baggage, he will live here for a while.”

Cheng Yun gaped and astonishment came after. However, he didn’t show it on his face. He nodded, without revealing what he was thinking about.

‘That’s weird, why did Second Young Master invite him to live here… He doesn’t like anyone else living here, let alone Cheng Yiran, who he has not seen many times.”

But when Cheng Yun turned to Cheng Yiran, he found that he had stood up, “Manager Cheng, can you take me outside, please?”

After saying that, he glanced at Zhong Luochen, picking up the guitar silently.

Cheng Yun was confused and said ‘ok’… but he didn’t plan to pry any news out from Cheng Yiran today.

He knew Zhong Luochen hated that. If he knew about that, he would keep his distance from Chen Yun. Just like those former followers.

Thus, he had to get some news through observation and thought.

“Ahha… you’re good, Mr. Zhong invited you to live in his house, that never happened before!” Cheng Yun laughed while driving the car, “Yiran, it seems Mr. Zhong likes you very well, work hard and don’t let him down.”

“Manager Cheng, can you stop over there?” Cheng Yiran pointed to some place by the roadside.

Cheng Yun gave a start, “Nothing is around here, why do you…”

Cheng Yiran shook his head, “Just drop me here… and please help me pack and move my baggage.”

“Oh… don’t worry.” Cheng Yun stopped his car.

Seeing Cheng Yun leaving, Cheng Yiran took a deep breath, then closed his eyes.

He ran to the front… according to Zhong Luochen’s instructions, he was revealing the desires in his heart.

If a customer like him was thinking about something…

Ring—it was as if he heard such jingle bell—and meanwhile, a cool sensation appeared, like walking into an old house in the deep mountain.

Cheng Yiran opened eyes and looked about—He saw this miraculous shop again. Frowning, he finally pushed open the door.

Zhong Luochen had told him the legend of this shop—He didn’t know much, but knew more than Cheng Yiran.

At least, though Cheng Yiran had finished a deal, he had never been to this place.

“Mr. Cheng, what can we do for you?”

Cheng Yiran found the voice of that mysterious businessman again, which made him recall his appearance clearly.

He couldn’t see him clearly in the dim room; and so did this time, he still wasn’t able to see his real face, which was covered by the clown mask.

Cheng Yiran focused on the boss… but he didn’t see the female accompanying him.

“You lied to me!”

Cheng Yiran quickly stepped to the boss with anger in his eyes.

While Luo Qiu pointed at the chair, and pulled it out, “Take a seat, Mr. Cheng.”

Cheng Yiran stood and claimed the reason he came, “You lied to me.”

“I don’t know what Mr. Cheng is talking about.” Luo Qiu answered slowly.

Cheng Yiran tossed out the guitar and scolded, “What did you say? You said only if I own it, I can… but now, don’t you know who I am on the Internet? I’m called a liar! A lie pushed forward by mon

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