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Chapter 520: Who Are You Crying For?

It was 160cm tall. Even among humans, it was considered short. However, this face, compared to that stingy, that lecherousness face which always gazed at the customers at the pet center, overlapped. Nevertheless, Long Xiruo was clear that it was not the true Shu You.

“You are not Shu You.”

Long Xiruo deeply breathed while standing up, “You’re not him. I don’t believe Shu You will murder. Why are we killing you? Why don’t you ask yourself how many monsters and humans have you killed? If I don’t kill you, how can I face the families of those you killed?”

Its eyes and mouth opened widely, glaring at Long Xiruo with a cold voice, “What about you? You are doing the same! What you have eaten is the same! Humans eat animals, and monsters eat many kinds of creatures… Why can you do that, but I cannot?!!! Tell me that!!!”

“You need to exist, it’s your will; and I want to kill you, that is my will.” Gui Qianyi stood up with a stumble, saying in a low voice, “I can only tell you, that’s because of selfishness.”

Even though he stumbled but he was not slow, his sword was pulled out quickly with a radiant cold light!

It stepped back, looked scared of the sharp sword, “Selfish… selfish…selfish… I can’t die!”

Its body turned into liquid, leaving through the washroom sewer… while Gui Qianyi stood still and watched it leave.

After it left, he vomited black blood, falling down to the ground.

He was merely pretending.

“Gui Qianyi! Don’t scare me!”

While Gui Qianyi smiled bitterly, “I’m useless… and even collapsed from the poison.”

Long Xiruo sighed, “You didn’t even get well after you use the mysterious skill… and it’s hard to withstand the toxin again.”

Gui Qianyi was really getting older and weaker.

Long Xiruo was sorrowful… ‘He lived so many years and is no longer Prime Minister Gui, who used to be in his prime, touching her head and calling her little princess.

Gui Qianyi’s look became cloudy; he said, “Little Princess… I finally saw your old gaze, after so many years. Little Princess… you’ve worked hard these years.”

“Stop talking, Gui Qianyi!” Long Xiruo eyes reddened.

Gui Qianyi talked weakly, “Xuan Yuan Family was unfair to you… Sorry, Little Princess… when you were young, I sent you to the place of the True Dragon to accept the inheritance… You were so young, but had to carry the responsibility. Little Princess… will you blame me… sorry. Hope… hope some day…you can… can leave behind… the heavy responsibility…”

“Gui Qianyi!! I order you! Stop talking!! Stand up!! Stand up!! In the name of the True Dragon, I order you to stand up!!”

“Little Princess… Little Princess…” Gui Qianyi eyes turned cloudy, “Little Princess… you’re late today, should… be punished… Princess… did you… recite Yao Jing(medicine book)… Did you… sneak… out… to… to…”

The voice stopped abruptly, and he closed his eyes.

“Gui Qianyi!!Gui Qianyi!! Grandpa Gui!!!”


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