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Chapter 953 Volume 9 – Chapter 164: The Restless Night (Part 2)

Wang Yuechuan took a look at the files on the computer screen and then pulled out the USB flash drive directly. He did not destroy the USB flash drive according to 18’s instructions but dismantled the computer’s hard disk in this room, seemingly having the intention to take it away.

Wang Yuechuan glanced at the time. It was almost ten o’clock. Since 18 left, he hadn’t given much thought to the phone number he acquired. Without instructions for the next step, Wang Yuechuan did not know exactly how he should proceed.

When he was about to sort out what happened today, he suddenly heard the police car’s siren coming from outside.

Wang Yuechuan hurriedly approached the window. He came beside the window and looked down. He saw two police cars parked downstairs at this moment. Several police officers got out of the vehicle at this time and were looking up the building.

Wang Yuechuan frowned. He believed in the police’s efficiency, but he was still overwhelmed by the police officer’s efficiency at this moment. Did someone reveal my whereabouts? Is it 18?

Wang Yuechuan didn’t have time to think about it. At first, accepting the mission was his emergency escape plan not to reveal the “Book of the Dead.” But he couldn’t afford to be caught now. This was an important condition to complete the confidential mission, which he lacked specific details.

Wang Yuechuan looked downstairs again, and then another police car came. It was Ma Houde’s car.

Old Ma wasn’t an easy person to deal with. Although Wang Yuechuan disapproved of Ma Houde’s style of doing things, he had to admit that this Old Ma had formidable aspects.

Suddenly there was a knock on the private room’s door. Wang Yuechuan’s muscles tensed up. The person outside said, “Guest, please open the door? The police came outside, saying that they wanted to check the fire fighting systems. But it’s fine. Our boss knows them well. Things will get fixed soon.”

“Have we found the person providing the clue?”

Ma Houde glanced at the entrance of the Lanling Mansion ahead and directly asked Lin Feng next to him. Lin Feng shook his head, “The person reporting the clue used a public phone. We found nothing.”

(Translator Note: Lanling Mansion is not a hotel but a high-end lounge selling red wine. Excerpt from Chapter 160)

Ma Houde slapped his head, “It’s strange! Wang Yuechuan had just left, and someone reported it subsequently. It’s almost as if it was arranged.”

“Hmm…” Li Feng also murmured, “But Officer Ma, the higher-ups permitted us to shoot to kill if necessary. This feels like giving a show. Besides, Officer Ma, do you think Wang Yuechuan offended the higher-ups? Otherwise, why would we receive such an order?”

“This fellow came here alone. Within a few days of his arrival, his trace is gone. Who knows what he did secretly?” Ma Houde shook his head, “But since we got the instructions from the higher-ups, let’s just do what we gotta do.”

Ma Houde walked into the Lanling Mansion, “Let me take a closer investigation! Search everything for me! Don’t let anyone leave this place before we end the investigation!”

“Who are you!? Do you know who I am? Hurry up and take your men away!” A drunk young man walked out with a barely dressed woman in his arms. He yelled in displeasure, “I’m telling you. I know your chief very well!!”

Ma Houde waved his hand, “Can anyone make this guy sober? If you can’t sober him up, strip him off and throw him out into the cold weather!”

“Wait…You guys, what are you doing!? Do you know who I am!? I am… Let me go! Let me go! My uncle is Judge Wu of this city! Let me go!”

Looking at the guy who was caught and taken away, Ma Houde rolled his eyes. He glanced over as though sympathizing with the victim’s poor IQ, “It has been so long since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We have a strict stance on crushin

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