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rom the higher-ups, let’s just do what we gotta do.”

Ma Houde walked into the Lanling Mansion, “Let me take a closer investigation! Search everything for me! Don’t let anyone leave this place before we end the investigation!”

“Who are you!? Do you know who I am? Hurry up and take your men away!” A drunk young man walked out with a barely dressed woman in his arms. He yelled in displeasure, “I’m telling you. I know your chief very well!!”

Ma Houde waved his hand, “Can anyone make this guy sober? If you can’t sober him up, strip him off and throw him out into the cold weather!”

“Wait…You guys, what are you doing!? Do you know who I am!? I am… Let me go! Let me go! My uncle is Judge Wu of this city! Let me go!”

Looking at the guy who was caught and taken away, Ma Houde rolled his eyes. He glanced over as though sympathizing with the victim’s poor IQ, “It has been so long since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We have a strict stance on crushing the abuse of power. So why are there still foolish people like him?”

Lin Feng agreed repeatedly. He dared not say that the other police officers would be lenient rather than brutal and strict as you.

“Reporting in! We have investigated all rooms, but no clues have been found!”

“Reporting in! There are no traces of people exiting from the back door!”

Not long after, police officers came to Ma Houde and reported the search situation. Ma Houde was guarding the lobby at the moment. The more news he heard, the tighter his frown, “No one? Does that guy have wings? Or is it a false report? Have you investigated it thoroughly?”

“Officer Ma, we have asked around. According to the staff’s description, Wang Yuechuan should have been here. But when we went to the room, there was no one in it. Though there are traces of fights taking place in the room, the windows aren’t broken. He shouldn’t have jumped out of the window.”

“Then, does he know how to be invisible?” Ma Houde stared back, “Search again! Could you give me a thorough search? Also, where is the person in charge here? It has been so long, yet no one brings him over.”

“Police officer, I’m here. I’m here!” It was a fat man in his thirties who was wearing a suit. He smiled, hurriedly came to Ma Houde at this time, “I’m the person in charge!”

The person in charge was quite depressed at this time. To tell the truth, this Lanling Mansion was also a place where sons of influential figures co-founded. Usually, no one checked on this place. No police officers came to this place, and no firefighters arrived to do a spot check on the fire fighting system. But, when these prideful prodigal sons heard Ma Houde’s name, they averted the situation and quickly said they were busy.

“Police officer, we are operating in a law-abiding manner, and we have not done anything illegal!”

“We’re here to arrest criminals. What’s the hurry!?” Ma Houde snorted coldly. “Are you hiding something? Did you spea

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