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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 949 - Volume 9 – Chapter 162: Morality Carries More Weight Than Appearance (Part 2)

Chapter 949 - Volume 9 – Chapter 162: Morality Carries More Weight Than Appearance (Part 2)

Chapter 949 Volume 9 – Chapter 162: Morality Carries More Weight Than Appearance (Part 2)

Zixing said solemnly, “The end of the world…”

“Yes, but not exactly so.” Long Xiruo shook her head. “To be precise, it is the world’s instinctual struggle and retaliation. The extraordinary existence has been consuming the resources of the main world. In the face of predators, who won’t be retaliating? There are many gods in the main world, but they have all disappeared in the long river of history. The most famous occurrence is the twilight of the Western gods.”

“Judging from your words, is the twilight of the gods driven by the will of the main world?” Zixing opened her mouth in surprise.

“I’m just speculating.” Long Xiruo shook her head, “However, different gods have disappeared or fallen one after another. Even my Divine Land’s hell gate is closed. The demon beast clan is showing a declining trend. It is only with the help of the human race’s luck that we get to survive. This involves many aspects. But, it is hard to tell whether it’s related.”

Long Xiruo suddenly looked at Zixing, “Every overshoot flourish will only result in inevitable decline. Even if you cultivated the so-called immortal physique, you would eventually be unable to escape The Five Declines of Heavenly Connection. Some don’t want to perish. They do everything possible to separate themselves from the main world completely. They only wish to hide in the corner somewhere in peace. But after all, these beings looted countless resources from the main world since the beginning of their journey. The main world has already branded them deeply. It won’t be easy to be totally detached.”

“Your Majesty Dragon Saintess is saying that Izanami’s Yan Wuyue world is a plan to cut the connection with the main world?” Zixing came into a realization.

“That’s supposed to be the case.” Long Xiruo was puzzled, “But if that’s her goal, why does she open the world and absorb you all in? The cinema incident… I think someone is pulling strings from the dark.”

“Your Majesty Dragon Saintess, do you know that there are any detached beings who have succeeded in this main world?” Zixing suddenly asked.

“That’s hard to say.” Long Xiruo shook her head again, “Since the True Dragon originated from the Divine Land’s dragon vein, it can be said we’re completely tied to the main world. There is no possibility of detachment. Once the Divine Land’s dragon vein leaves the main world, perish awaits us. If there is a place where Transcended gathers, how can I get into contact with them?”

Her tone became gloomy. Zixing listened to the story with resignation. Silence permeated the air at the moment. There was a vague record in Greedy Wolf Clan about transcending. It was not the first time she had heard it, but she was still low-spirited.

“Legend says that Penglai allows Immortal Ascension. Hence, acquiring Transcendence from the world.” Zixing looked at Dragon Saintess nonchalantly, “

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