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Chapter 935 Volume 9 – Chapter 155: Not Waking Up Anymore (Part 2)

A few days after the rain stopped, there was no clear weather. The gloomy sky looked like a silent old pavilion.

Windchaser once again awakened from the sea of ​​knowledge inherited through Greedy Wolf Star. What surprised him was that Inuyasha did not appear in the Unripe Rice Village shrine this time and even left the Unripe Rice Village. Instead, Inuyasha came to the city.

It was a wealthy family in this city. Inuyasha was rummaging through the cabinets.

“What are you doing?” Windchaser asked curiously.

“Looking for books.” Inuyasha turned the study into a mess and had plentiful harvests in the end. He glanced around, not knowing if these books were the same. So he packed everything away indiscriminately.

Inuyasha ransacked many families in the city and even the lord’s house.

When Inuyasha left this city, he had a big bundle wrapped with cloth on his back, seemingly quite satisfied.

Windchaser didn’t ask why Inuyasha robbed so many ancient books. But, this incident immediately informed Windchaser why the samurai and monk group pursued him when he arrived at Yan Wuyue World. This guy must have robbed a lot of families beforehand. It was probably the result of public anger.

Otherwise, humans wouldn’t dare to provoke demon beasts.

When Inuyasha returned to the ruins of Nagato’s house in Unripe Rice Village, Windchaser discovered that Inuyasha had looted many places in the past few days when he was busy comprehending the heritage memory.

“There are already more than a hundred books, right?”

Between slaying a hundred demon beasts and finding a hundred books, the latter isobviously more difficult.

“En, since I have violated the agreement, I will pay back ten times the price! Let’s look for a thousand books!” The half demon beast boy suddenly made a bold statement.

Windchaser attacked maliciously, “Then, don’t you have to kill a thousand demon beasts?”


The idiot dog did not refute the stupid wolf this time. He nodded with certainty, so the stupid wolf sighed:This idiot dog is so dumb.

Since that day, Windchaser had lived a life constantly invaded with danger.Is this idiot dog really planning to kill a thousand greater demon beasts? Does he not know his limit?

If it weren’t for the sake of sharing the same body with you, I wouldn’t care about your life and death.

Star Power! Godspeed! Godspeed!

Hmph! I should use your body to cultivate the skills in Greedy Wolf inheritance.Windchaser thought this was the only way not to suffer the bitter end of the deal!

“How many have we slain?”

“Nine hundred and ninety-eight.” Inuyasha frowned and looked back. There were a lot of corpses in the camp in front of him. Among them, there was only one greater demon beast, and the rest were underlings.

How could there be so many greater demon beasts in this world? Later, Inuyasha could only have inferior demon beasts to fill the number. It was already three years later.

In other words, Windchaser had spent three years with Inuyasha in this dream.

“We’re still short of two.” Windchaser thought for a while and said, “Recently, I heard that a toad called Red Mage appears in the south. It’s quite strong. But, if we kill it, there will only be nine hundred, and ninety-nine left. So, we’re still one short. But, it will be convenient for us to return to Unripe Rice Village afterward.”

“Oh, we’re almost reaching a thousand.” The idiot dog demon beast muttered suddenly.

After three years of blood bath, the half demon beast boy still hadn’t grown much. But there was a new scar on his face. Also, he became a lot more silent.

In fact, in the second half of the journey, there had been very few arguments between the idiot dog demon beast and the stupid wolf.

“What’s the matter? Do you have other plans?”

“Let’s just settle with this.” Inuyasha shook his head and walked

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