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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 920 - Volume 9 – Chapter 147.2: The Blizzard That Never Returns (Part 2)

Chapter 920 - Volume 9 – Chapter 147.2: The Blizzard That Never Returns (Part 2)

Chapter 920 Volume 9 – Chapter 147.2: The Blizzard That Never Returns (Part 2)

“Dead?” The young man of demon beast appearance frowned, then nodded. It was as if he heed no attention, not even wondering how Nero died, “Forget it, then the work of dealing with these failed products will be left to you. Right! Tell the guys at the 26 seat that I don’t have time to waste time on these failed products. But if it is a second level finished product, I would be interested.”

Kuck shook his head, “The second level finished product is not for you to use as a training punching bag. But if you want some warmups, the next mission will suit you.”

Rob showed an expression of interest.

Kuck said, “Our Turkish branch in Europe was wiped out overnight. No one was left alive.”

“Oh? Who is our opponent?”

Kuck said, “I have no clues. The 26th seat had discussed and planned to appoint a Divine General to investigate this matter. However, according to the latest news from the branch, the opponent is just a girl.”

“Girl?” Rob frowned.

Kuck looked solemnly, “She seems like a vampire. Unfortunately, from the preliminary situation of the investigation, the blood of all female bodies in that branch has been sucked up. But I have another guess.”

“Tell me more.”

Kuck said with a solemn expression, “Last time I went on a mission, I offended the princess of Divine Land. This time, she may have eliminated the branch to seek revenge.”

“The girl who looks like a vampire who can defeat the branch alone. Is she suspected to be the fallen princess of Xuan Yuan Royal Family?” Rob nodded, “Well, I should head out. There’s no need for chatter. Tell those old farts that I’m heading out.”

“Tonight is Christmas Eve. There are blessing activities on Paradise Island. Won’t you want to stay?” Kuck asked suddenly.

Rob sneered, “Stay to see your stage show? I’m not interested. Your western festival does not concern me.”

As Rob spoke, he raised his wrist, revealing a black bracelet on his wrist, which was a communicator, “Prepare a plane for me. I’m going to the Turkish branch.”

Soon after, a helicopter departed from a small island in the ocean and soon flew into the clouds.

The strange young man with a demon beast appearance looked at the rising sun through the window, muttering to himself, “Zhen Long, wait for me…”

“Miss Tsukihime, Miss Tsukihime?”

Inside the carriage, Tsukihime Kondo opened her eyes, who had just taken a nap on the road. She rubbed her eyebrows, but there was a little confusion in her eyes.

Of course, she was not the real Tsukihime Kondo as the samurai outside the carriage addressed. Instead, it was Zixing, who once again fell into the Unripe Rice Village scenario.

What happened? I ran into the girl in a white kimono, and…

Then when she woke up again, she had already returned to Kondo’s castle, back to the beginning. This time, Zixing ordered the man to head out with her to the Unripe

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