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Chapter 929 Volume 9 – Chapter 152: Wind On The Water (Part 2)

This was the contradiction in the current ‘Unripe Rice Village.’ But, the Unripe Rice Villagers didn’t see anything wrong when the old Unripe Rice Village witch appeared. Of course, this was unreasonable, but…

Mo Xiaofei glanced at Chizuko Nagato who was standing next to Saburo Nagato. He found that she was watching the ceremony curiously at this time and smiled relievedly.

Mo Xiaofei lamented after witnessing the imperfect and unreasonable flow of events.Even if there is a slight flaw, this ending is probably the result I could achieve.

As if feeling Mo Xiaofei’s gaze, Chizuko Nagato looked towards Mo Xiaofei seriously.

Mo Xiaofei nodded and then slowly walked away from everyone’s sight. No one seemed to notice the departure of Sir Samurai, who resolved Unripe Rice Village’s curse because the ritual ceremony had entered the quiet stage.

Saburo Nagato might have known about Mo Xiaofei’s departure, or maybe he didn’t. He looked at the Unripe Rice Village’s witch on the altar, watching the witch’s ancient dance.

Saburo Nagato vaguely remembered that Haru Narukami danced for the ritual in the Unripe Rice Village’s witch shoes. At that time, Haru Narukami was also dressed in a white and red kimono, holding Gohei in her hand, performing the ancient dance, and mourning the song.

“Chizuko, I will travel far again. I’m afraid we will never see each other again. So, if you have a chance, become the Unripe Rice Village’s witch. Your mother used to be a witch too,” said Saburo Nagato abruptly.

The little Chizuko Nagato looked up at Saburo Nagato. Only Saburo Nagato’s chin could be seen. She felt that her father’s chin had a lot of beards. If it were stuck on her face, it would be very itchy.

The song sung by the witch came to the ears.

The wind on the water guides the current.

The melody flies everywhere, with its echo lingering.

Flying and soaring into the endless firmament.

Travel through time, come and go as it pleases. The melody descends into the world.

My friends come to the earth.

Let us sing the forgotten song.

Recover the feeling we lost.

Until the moment we meet again, fall asleep deeply.

Even the time ceases to stop.

A few days after the Unripe Rice Village’s ritual day, the Nagato family had taken care of the burial affairs of Nagato Munechika and Shinji Nagato.

On the mourning day, all the Unripe Rice Villagers arrived in an orderly manner.

After that, Saburo Nagato announced what he had promised to Mo Xiaofei. He would return to the battlefield. Chizuko Nagato would become the new heir to the Nagato family. Prior to this, the Nagato family would be assisted by several elders.

“Are you ready?”

Before the entrance to the dungeon, Mo Xiaofei looked at Saburo Nagato and asked gently.

The sinful man did not speak at this time, turned his back to Mo Xiaofei, and looked at the dark entrance. He wore a simple outfit, put on a bamboo saber. He had shaved all his beard stubble.

This was the cleanest Saburo Nagato that Mo Xiaofei had ever seen.

With that, Saburo Nagato walked to the entrance and disappeared into the darkness.

When the entrance mechanism was closing off slowly, Mo Xiaofei suddenly thought that when Saburo Nagato persistently climbed the stairs leading to the Unripe Rice Villager Shrine every day.Didn’t he have the same look?

“The peace of mind.”

Mo Xiaofei destroyed the entrance’s mechanism.

At the same time, it destroyed all the possibilities to open the dungeon. Mo Xiaofei checked over and over again in detail.

Nagato’s house door was closed. The people who came to mourn had all left. The old Nagato’s mansion seemed to fall asleep in the night.

Axiu was exhausted. She had to take care of Miss Chizuko, but she drifted off to sleep.

Chizuko Nagato was reading the book under the light. Axiu was only halfway thr

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