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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 898 - Volume 9 – Chapter 136: If I Have Become Mature (Part 1)
Chapter 898 Volume 9 – Chapter 136: If I Have Become Mature (Part 1)

Question: What is the first thing you did wrong when you were a kid? When was it? Do you remember?

I don’t remember.

Q: Why don’t you remember?

Why should I remember it? It’s what it is.

Generally speaking, the young witch was much weaker than Chizuko Nagato today. This might be because Chizuko Nagato had become a demon beast, or because the young witch and Miki had merged, or because Chizuko Nagato was calmer than the younger witch now.

But instead, Mo Xiaofei had another perspective as to why ‘Chizuko Nagato’ was so much cool-headed compared to the young witch. Even though the demon beast Chizuko Nagato was riled up, Mo Xiaofei still keenly felt the awe-inspiring indifference in her eyes.

Mo Xiaofei also felt that this young witch was indifferent, but this indifference was more due to her temperament.

The indifference of the demon beast-like Chizuko Nagato was the indifference to ordinary beings. To put it bluntly, she looked down on all mortals as though she was a higher-level life form.

No matter the situation, the young witch did not hesitate to fire arrows one after another to the sky, moving steadily without hesitation. Mo Xiaofei did not know if this was the level which a good archer could possess. However, it certainly was not easy for a fourteen years old girl to achieve this.

No matter what, the young witch was firing at herself. The arrow that was imbued with spiritual power was aimed at herself – she in the past.

Windchaser was still confused, but Mo Xiaofei gradually figured out some context.

Long Xiruo said that people who had developed their brains would become more intelligent sooner or later, just like the Buddha’s saying that they had opened up the roots of wisdom. Mo Xiaofei couldn’t realize enlightenment, but he was able to grasp the context.

Of course, other factors contributed to Mo Xiaofei grasping what was happening. These factors include the experience in the one-year time reset loop nightmare, the magical experience to be synchronized with Chizuko Nagato’s chaotic spirit, and watching the fight between the young witch and the fox demon beast Chizuko Nagato. Otherwise, he couldn’t get a sense of the matter even if he had the wisdom roots like what Long Xiruo said.

Unripe Rice Village must have been destroyed long ago. The village no longer existed. When he and Zixing roamed around Unripe Rice Village, they should have fallen into place similar to an illusion. The source of this illusion was Chizuko Nagato, who was six years old.

Miki should be the abandoned six years old Chizuko Nagato after the destruction of Unripe Rice Village. It was the self who destroyed everything and destroyed the root cause.

The witch should be the Chizuko Nagato when she grew up.

With this thought in mind, the Chizuko Nagato that Mo Xiaofei and Zixing saw in Unripe Rice Village should have been created

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