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Chapter 915 Volume 9 – Chapter 145.1: The Rebirth’s Pride (Part 1)

The surrounding tree roots protruded from the ground. Essentially, the cherry blossom tree roots covered the whole area. It was as if the tree was ingesting all the nutrients coming from the entire Yan Wuyue world.

Looking at such a desolate Yan Wuyue World, Orochi felt heartache, but it was helpless to it. As for the Yin Greedy Wolf, which Orochi had just allied with, Orochi did not expect the wolf to be of help at all.

“Judging from how these tree roots are overgrowing, I am afraid that this is the end. Even you and I will not be spared. Orochi, you have dwelled in the Yan Wuyue World for many years, is there no other way?” Yin Greedy Wolf asked hurriedly at this time.

Orochi said resignedly, “I have been sealed for thousands of years. I have only broken the seal in the past few days. I thought I could make a comeback, but I didn’t expect to be in a worse condition than when I was sealed. I was injured in this attempt. How long will it take to recover from that? Brother Alioth, I know you are in a tight spot, but so am I.”

The black shadow transformed by Yin Greedy Wolf’s will stopped at this time. It was unreconciled, unwilling to perish just after gaining freedom.

“Unless…” Orochi stopped talking at this moment.

“Unless what?” Yin Greedy Wolf asked hurriedly.

“Unless you and I leave the Yan Wuyue World and return to the main world.” Orochi’s tone was dignified, “This tree root has spread throughout Yan Wuyue, that is to say, the guy behind it has almost acquired the Yan Wuyue World. He’s on his path to becoming the true master of Yan Wuyue. In the current state of you and me, let alone conspiracy, I am afraid that we can’t even fend for ourselves. For our optimum plan, we can only leave and make a comeback another day.”

Yin Greedy Wolf was silent for a moment before it said, “You have stayed here in Yan Wuyue for so many years. Are you willing to leave like this?”

Orochi said indifferently, “Brother Alioth, have you ever heard such a saying, you need your life to enjoy your earnings?”

Yin Greedy Wolf’s will suddenly laughed, “You’re quite free and easy. Fine, Greedy Wolf Star and Alioth Star belong to the Big Dipper in the sky. As long as the stars shine, they will never be lost. Both stars will run into each other another day sooner or later. But how are we going to leave?”

Orochi said, “In the past when I entered this world fragment, I left a retreat route for myself just in case. With it, I can escape from the Yan Wuyue World. If you trust me, then stick to me.”

“You and I have made an oath, which is more intimate than blood brothers. Why shouldn’t I trust you? Brother Orochi, lead the path.”

After speaking, the black shadow transformed by Yin Greedy Wolf’s will quietly merged into the purple snake’s body.

Orochi didn’t hesitate. It glanced back and suddenly felt a sense of desolation. However, it had experienced many ups and downs, including worse situations than now. Yet, it survived until this day. It believed that it would have another chance in the future.

I still have to return to Divine Land, after all.

I wonder how the Xiangliu clan is like now. The purple snake’s figure drifted away. Orochi had the feeling of a scholar returning home like those during the Chinese imperial era.

Mo Xiaofei had forgotten how many times he woke up with a dizzy head.

Blue Sky with white clouds, clear breeze in the mountains, and whirling tree shadows. Watching the familiar scene before him, Mo Xiaofei stood quietly. Not far away, a young girl carrying a basket was walking with her head down, full of thoughts.

I’m back here again. I’m back on the first day.

Mo Xiaofei knew where he was. He was not at all irritable this time, nor was he uneasy. He even found this ability to “go back to the past” interesting. If this setting were placed on the protagonist of a novel, it would be

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