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Chapter 900 Volume 9 – Chapter 137: Is There Such A Life (1) (Part 1)

Luo Qiu had never learned calligraphy. Of course, the maid had never learned to grind inkstonebefore, but the maid could write beautiful swash fonts.

Although Luo Qiu hadn’t learned it before, he got the hang of it after grabbing the brush and writing a few words on the white paper. His ability to improvise his skill like a dimensional jump would attract public anger from the other calligraphers. However, it was just a bonus ability for being the club owner.

Of course, in terms of Boss Luo’s character, he would not show off to everyone that he could do well in calligraphy. He got his hands on the writing brush to finish the young witch’s incomplete story.

“Strong, optimistic, cheerful,um…” Boss Luo stopped at the blank space of the young witch’s story book. He didn’t immediately start writing.

In fact, this story should be completed by the young witch herself in the end. Because Luo Qiu felt that even if he completed it, it still felt like adding a dog’s tail on a saber drawing [1]. Creating a story through imagination and heart was beyond using his ability.

But this was still a transaction after all. The club would sell what the customer wanted to buy.

“When I was in school, I wrote poorly. I often overshoot my scope out of the topic.” Boss Luo smiled suddenly, “Especially when I was in high school, the final essay topic favored the style of an argumentative essay which wasn’t my strength.”

You Ye was surprised, wondering why the master suddenly brought up this matter.

Boss Luo just smiled, then moved the brush in his hand. He finally began to write some words in the blank space.

[Many harmful consequences were due to our actions, mainly due to jealousy and greed for something. In the eyes of Saburo Nagato, those were boundless. With how the world had changed and the vicissitudes of life, his years serving in the military were not as good as he had imagined. The difficulties on the battlefield, the bloodshed of his companions, and the warped corpse with horse leather made Saburo Nagato aware of his naivety. He was utterly disheartened with the hatred of humanity slowly arising in his heart. But, he was still worried about his wife Haru Narukami and daughter Chizuko Nagato in the family, so he became increasingly depressed in the following days. ]

[In winter, reports of great victories on the frontline battlefield were posted. It boosted the morale of Saburo Nagato’s legion. After his recent success, he had further won many battles. The enemy stronghold located on the mountain was taken down within two months. From then on, his side had the upper hand in the war. This was an excellent opportunity to contribute. However, Saburo Nagato was tired of this kind of military life. He witnessed the cruelty of war and did not want to make more killings, so he asked to resign from the front line with the excuse of his injuries. He had accumulated a lot of military exploits in the past few years. Even if he resigned now, his services still allowed him to return home with the ‘Samurai’ title.“Return home.”Saburo Nagato stood on the wall of the mountain stronghold that was conquered, looking at the direction of the sunrise. At the end of daylight, there was his home, the Nagato household. He had his wife, Haru Narukami, there. The ruler mainly expanded the territory, while being a samurai was all about getting supreme glory. However, there was nothing wrong with ordinary life. The delicacy at the celebration banquet reminded Saburo Nagato of the Nagato household’s peaceful meal in Unripe Rice Village – that was far from his reach. ]

[It was springtime again. Samurai like to watch the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms. The army also set off again from this time, while Saburo Nagato quietly left this place. He thought that if he only took short rests along the journey, he should be able to catch up with the last day of c

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