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Volume 9 – Chapter 154.1: Each Preoccupied With Their Thoughts (Part 1)

Do you watch what the ending is?

While walking out of the movie theater, the class president pulled Mo Xiaofei closer and asked quietly beside him. Looking at the embarrassment of the class president, Mo Xiaofei knew that she didn’t want to mention the embarrassment of falling asleep watching movies.

“The ending is the same as I said. Is there anything different?” Mo Xiaofei smiled.

The class president suddenly glanced at Mo Xiaofei curiously, then blinked. Mo Xiaofei also asked curiously, “Is there anything on my face?”

The class president shook her head, “Um… Are you really Xiaofei?”

Facing the question from the class president, Mo Xiaofei instinctively touched his face. He had Sasaki Kojiro’s appearance for a long time and got used to it. At this time, when the class president asked that, he subconsciously thought that his face had changed. He couldn’t help being surprised. He thought his return to reality was just another dream.

“Why do you ask?” Mo Xiaofei opened his mouth uncertainly.

“Hmm… You seem to be the same.” The class president shook her head again, and suddenly said, “Just now, I felt like you’re very far away from me. It feels like you have become an adult. “

Seeing Mo Xiaofei contemplating in silence, the class president blushed and said, “I have no other intention. It just feels like you have matured all of a sudden. You felt reliable. I feel safe around you.”

Mo Xiaofei twitched his lips.

The class president felt she had no way to explain it. Her face was blushed like a peach. Finally, she lowered her head and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom!”

My face is so warm!

Mo Xifu glanced at the class president, baffled. The class president was a little abnormal, but Yan Wuyue in the movie world was much weirder. He couldn’t tell if the world had any influence on him. After breathing the air of modern civilization again, it felt like he was born into a new world.

Windchaser and Zixing also stood in front of the cinema. Since Zixing left the theater room and walked out of the movie theater, her brows furrowed as if she was thinking about something important. Windchaser was looking at the movie poster “Pen Immortal” in front of the movie theater. He was silent. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Y’all, what are your plans?” Mo Xiaofei felt that he should take the initiative to break the strange silence.

After returning to modern society, it was much more important for Mo Xiaofei to deal with their individual affairs rather than the unsolved mysteries in the Yan Wuyue World. For example, Zixing was the Greedy Wolf Clan’s Young Master, whom his less responsible teacher called for him to find.

Hearing Mo Xiaofei’s words, Zixing sighed. In this short period, she had already made sure that her memory of that animal skin map was intact. She was slightly relaxed.

She glanced at Windchaser casually. Seein

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